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  1. ^^^^ Tuned by Brett West.
  2. ^^^^ Wow... I thought the title of this forum said 'No Chit Chat. Results Only Please'... Good to see people cant just appreciate a well built motor that has been tuned correctly.
  3. s13 does anyone no where this car is i want it back

    Hmmm i might have to look into one of those since im going to do circuit with mine. Yea im going to get a Tomei one aswell cos mine died last week! Starts surging like a bitch over 4500rpm.. so homo lol Keen to see how much yours makes with that kinda boost. Im still using standard cams & the adjustable cam gears are set to factory settings for now.
  4. Ultimate Turbo Reference guide for Nissans.

    Vehicle: 1991 Nissan Silvia S13 Engine: CA18DET Modifications: Z32 AFM, Pod, FMIC, Oil Cooler, SS Manifold, Custom Dump/screamer/front pipe, decat & BIG exhaust, walbro + 044 external setup, 440cc injectors, nistune computer. Turbo: S15 T28BB Full Boost: 3500 approx @ 15psi Cams: No. Final Power Figure: 210.5rwkw @ 15psi / 513.2nm of torque (getting a retune with revised fuel setup & more boost)
  5. s13 does anyone no where this car is i want it back

    Hey dude. Where did you get that sump from? Looks awesome! Also mine ended up making 210.5rwkw @ 14.5psi with 513.2nm of torque! Getting a new tune soon with a new fuel setup & more boost. Cant wait to see yours crack 300kw! CA POWER!!!!
  6. ^^^^ Yes Im positive that its only a S15 T28BB Turbo. I purchased it Brand New from Tarrks Parts on here.
  7. Vehicle: 1991 Nissan Silvia S13 Engine: CA18DET Engine Modifications: - Internally Standard (new rings/bearings/acl gasket kit) - S15 T28 BB - SS Manifold - 3" dump/screamer/front pipe/de-cat/3" into twin 2" into twin 3" tips - 440cc Injectors - Super Spark Coil Packs - Z32 AFM - Drift Pod Filter - Cooling Pro FMIC - Cooling Pro Oil Cooler - 044 external pump & surge tank setup -6 braided lines - Nistune - 98 octane pump fuel Currently making 210.5rwkw @ 15psi / 513.2nm torque on a Mainline Dyno. Will be getting a new in tank pump, fuel pressure reg & a re-tune at 16-17psi. Hoping to make 220+
  8. S13 Lower Control Arm Bushes?

    Ok cheers for your help.
  9. S13 Lower Control Arm Bushes?

    Im looking at getting either a nolathane or super pro l.c.a. bush kit & i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these before? Do i need to press the bush & sleeve out or just the bush? Cheers.
  10. R200 Diff Ratios

    This is probably a really dumb question but how do you know if your diff is an r180 or r200? I have a ca18det manual (was originally auto) & i need to know which one i have so i can get the right diff center
  11. s13 does anyone no where this car is i want it back

    yea its nearly finished motors running just got to bleed the air out the cooling system and wire up two gauges hows yours going my bro showed me some pics il put more pics up soon new pics look awesome! are you going to run a larger turbo since u've got the stroker kit? mines coming along slowly lol... all the suspension & wheels/tires should be on it before christmas & then its onto g/box & interior in the new yr.
  12. where to buy 2way diff in sa?

    I wish i could afford a nismo but i can only spare 1200 & i need it in the nxt week so a kaaz seems to be the best option... Also sorry for asking a dumb question but how do i know if i have a r180 or r200 diff?
  13. where to buy 2way diff in sa?

    Hi does anyone know if anyone in adelaide sells new kaaz diffs? Any help much appreciated!
  14. s13 does anyone no where this car is i want it back

    Motor looks really good buddy! Looking forward to seeing the finished product
  15. My CA finally passed 300kw

    OMFG! That is amazing power from a CA! I can only dream about getting that much from mine lol Any chance of more pics?