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    drum and bass & mixing, cruising, partying, clubbing, catching up with mates, muay thai, sky diving, rides, etc anything that get some adrenalin pumping!
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    s15, 92 suby wags
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  1. costs in buying a car from sydney

    when i drove my s15 back from sydney, i just took it to the cop shop and they just checked the engine number matched. That was it. i am in country though.
  2. Dubstep? Drum N Bass? Anyone into it?

    FKKK YEAH DNB =D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pjaXnmVdZk LOVE IT =D
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    me and you dirty phonics remix =D
  4. Hot chicks - driving imports

    HI Haje xox Hey Kat how ya doin hun!!? Was thinkin the other day, i miss PMS days =P should organise like a special meet up or something in the upcoming months, like lunch or somethin!? xoxox
  5. meet & greet 2011

    Siiiiccckkkkkkkkk sounds good =D
  6. Hot chicks - driving imports

    Cheers man =) yeah they come up good i think! was pretty hard learning how to pose when my normal poses usually consist of my middle finger up or some kinda drunk state haha
  7. Hot chicks - driving imports

    bahaha yeah nice phtoshop skills there. hot!
  8. Hot chicks - driving imports

    haha i had a joint account with my bf, but now we have split so asked to get the account split lol, hence joining today and having 300 posts
  9. Hot chicks - driving imports

    haha this thread is heaps funny