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  1. Still got the seats for sale ?? Can I come around on the weekend if so to have a look?
  2. S13 Clear Tail Lights - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used S13 clear tail lights for sale, $150 for both. Pickup/drop off in Canberra, Postage extra $15 Both are in good condition as seen in picture. SOLD !!

    Looking for stock s13 tail and front lights.
  4. 1984 Nissan Gazelle - $550

    Make : NISSAN GAZELLE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $550 Condition : Used NO LONGER FOR SALE, THANKS !!
  5. The next skidpan day

    Just sent my money through.. thanks
  6. The next skidpan day

    Yo guys I'd like to jump in as well if there are any spots left ??? let me know thanks
  7. Sup guys, I'm new

    cheers, I've definately been having lots of fun driving it so far, the cornering is unmatched !! agreed. even though i was unfortunate to not have the power steering fixed, it was still a riot is yours turbo? yeah mines turbo and i have working power steering lol... its great fun, i dont plan on getting rid of it for a long long long long long time haha
  8. Brake Upgrade

    get braided lines if u havn't already, they will make a good difference also
  9. opinion on Coilovers

    I recently just got some BC's ive been pretty happy them so far doing street/touge driving. + 1 for bc, u can buy them from justjap at decent price in aus
  10. By far THE WORST Autosalon Video of all time

    made me laugh...bhahah made soda streams in their car
  11. Sup guys, I'm new

    cheers, I've definately been having lots of fun driving it so far, the cornering is unmatched !!
  12. Sup guys, I'm new

    Looking at putting some swaybars on, new exhaust and few gauges next... then maybe looking at a few power improvements later on down the track, looking forward to posting up changes as they come and being a member of the site !
  13. My sw20 gt

    Hey guys, I bought myself an mr2 sw20 gt roughly 6months ago. I'm new to the forum so figured I'll post up a quick pic and list what I've done so far. So far -- new rda slotted rotors, ebc greenstuff pads, braided brake lines, bc coilovers, nardi steering wheel.... and I also have a cusco front strut brace on the way along with some new wheels modenas for the front and ssr meshies for the back. Anyhow heres a quick pic...
  14. Sup guys, I'm new

    Hey guys, just a quick introduction. Bought myself an mr2 sw20 about 6months ago, so far I've put slotted rotors on, ebc greenstuff pads, braided brake lines, bc coilovers.. and a few other smaller things such as nardi steering wheel, and stereo setup. Have a cusco front strut brace and some new wheels ordered and on their way as well... modenas for front and ssr meshies for back. Anyhow here's a quick pic of the car.