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  1. My alias of 's2o0o' is the old me. It's like a trip down memory lane... Although my online persona is much more professional these days, I can't get rid of this stuff.
  2. Where are they storing all this data? Is it our ISP's having to keep this stuff? How about when I browse from work? How do they know it's me? (I just wrote a final year Uni thesis on Australian Media and Crime Policy regarding this stuff...I still don't know what's going on here)
  3. 10 years

    11 years here... - Mel
  4. Tracking down [MyRush]

    Plus One Plus Two! Nice to see another 180 Frankie I still see SPL1CE (Brad) almost every week. His green 180 got sold onto someone I ended up meeting years later, who then sold it off again.
  5. ^ Agreed. Where the old timers at?
  6. Hardtuned.net Cruisers Guide 2008

    Thread revival. Anyone with fresh links, please upload. Sincerely, The cool NS people from ~2006.
  7. Thread revival. Need a "Ford Ranger Cruisers Guide" up in here. Public vote for Emz to make another mix. Kgo.
  8. VRE check suggests the plates have been pulled off it a while ago. I hope you find it.
  9. I had a recall done on my airbag today.
  10. Thought i'd make a thread for us fortunate people YEAR/MAKE/MODEL 2001 Honda Civic ES1 COLOUR Taffeta White DATE OF PURCHASE 04-12-06 ENGINE HARDWARE Stock 1.7L 4Cyl LEV ENGINE ACCESSORIES Stock DRIVELINE 5 Speed manual BODYWORK 05' taillight conversion/changeover. BRAKES AND SUSPENSION Stock WHEELS Stock INTERIOR GADGETRY Nintendo DS Asimo windback model STEREO COMPONENTS Stock
  11. Alright kids, Seems as if the Deakin slackers are taking over this place. Everytime I come in this forum (when I remember that it still exists); the thread is active at the top of the Vic section. Who knows what they're talking about? I don't. The intent of this thread? For lulz. I know there are more Swinburnians out there! Plus, after 2 months of actually beginning Uni, I JUST found the library today. Win. Also, if you intend on starting a course at Swinburne, you are also encouraged to contribute. Anyway, I am studing Bachelor of Comm. (Public Relations) between Prahran/Lilydale. So far I am in my first subject at Prahran studing part-time as a "mature-age" student. I work also. Monday's drain my life. I drive my Civic to Uni because I refuse to take any means on public transportation. So get the ball rolling; Who are you? What do you drive? What course are you doing? Tafe/Uni? What campus are you at? [if you are at Prahran, where do you park? Do you commonly see the circus people and do you lulz?] Anything else relevant? Ta.
  12. What's up all? 2nd page. HAHA! @kapowww, I love Swinburne. It does offer great facilities and better courses. Lilydale isn't as big as the other campuses but it's great. Free parking. Small campus. I don't get lost. 15 mins drive from home. What do you do for Swinny? I applied to RMIT City in 2007 for a PRIA accredited Comms/PR degree which was the only one of it's kind - apart from Deakin Geelong (which is too fkn far anyway). I was devastated at the time when I didn't get in - but looking back, I am so thankful I didn't! In 2008, Swinburne started offering this course; and still continue to offer more and more each year. Next year, they're offering Bachelor in Professional Communication. Thinking of changing over. Anyway, I'll be in Prahran for Summer/Winter term. Always up for Grill'd, Sienna's or Chapelli's if anyone is doing any design units and wants to keep me company.
  13. Hi all, A bit of a random one. Back in XP and Vista days, you could set the HTML link of your GCal straight to your desktop. I can't seem to find a way to do this with Windows 7 Ultimate. I know you can chuck it in Windows/Google sidebar, but I'd rather the desktop image. Anyone doing this? Let me know.
  14. LinkedIn

    I'm on it. Not too active, but if you want a career in the digital industry, it's a good place to start. I also got a job interview through Twitter. Social media is great...so long as you watch what you put online.
  15. Connecting PS3 to wireless USB

    Never tried to do it off a USB; but how much is your limit? One game of TDM would drain it I reckon.
  16. Vinyl wrap car

    I forgot I took these weeks ago and forgot to share. Since I am pretty awesome at graphic design... I believe this is what you're expecting - Before: After: Every 30 cars, you get Matte paint on GT5.
  17. If you're anything like me; you paid $299 for the game with the chance to win an SLS AMG...and for the wicked GT USB stick. See below: As you may be aware, we are competing in 5 B-Spec challenges using the SLS AMG with soft tyres. The tracks are as below: Superspeedway – Indy High Speed Ring Autodromo Nazionale Monza Tsukuba Circuit Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 Surely I can't be the only one in this? Anyone else on the board competing against me? Any tips/tricks Good Luck!
  18. Hey, You can't send drivers. You can only "Share with Friends" in Community to 'show-off' your driver; so to speak. It's pretty easy to level up. Have you reached B-Spec Level 25 yet? If so, leave the Endurance Races on all day. You get plenty of XP. Hope it helps - Mel
  19. Favourite Trance Djs? Or Djs in general?

    Gareth Emery. Jerome Isma-Ae. Simon Patterson. Marcus Shultz. Ferry Corsten. Armin Van Buuren. I think I'm done. Nah. Sean Tyas. Martin Roth. Daniel Kandi. 7 Skies. Lange. I have been in the same room as all of the above at some point of my life. *edit* Dash Berlin and Above & Beyond also. How could I forget. As above ^
  20. Vinyl wrap car

    Do it.
  21. Fav asian confectionary

    Hello Panda biscuits. ZOMG. Pocky. Asian version of Zappo's. I know it's not lollies, but those prawn cracker things in a packet. And Onion Rings. And Yeo's Chrysanthanem Tea. I grew up on this shit ^
  22. How's everyone going? Are you over it yet? 1 week to go.
  23. External hard drive on ps3

    I converted mine to half FAT32 for my PS3 All the best!
  24. Shit. Wrong section. Mods please move to computer games/nerd forum. Thanks!