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  1. High Hayai_93 - can you explain what you mean by exhaust a/r. Thanks
  2. tien coilovers sux!!! ??

    Hey I know this guy and have been in his car (what a nugget) I can support his claim that the Teins do not feel the best, especially for the money spent on them. I have second hand Kei Office coilovers in my S13 and they do feel better than mine-however not worth the $3000 dollars more!!!! he is going to put the 16's back on all round. This should allow a better, more fair judgement on this product. Do any other people on here actually use this set-up and can talk from personal experience (sorry, can not recall if someone has mentioned this or not)
  3. Hi, yeah I thought it would have as well. Although the dyno run of 220rwk was the last run of a few so car/room temps were a little high by this point so it should make a few more on a fresh run but still not as much as I wanted. Ir8sx car what does that have? It seems that the cars make similar power on that boost level. You mentioned he doesnt have cams but does he have a manifold? Basically the car mechanically has HKS2835, 550cc Tomeis inj, malpassi fuel reg, Microtech, Bosch ext pump and surge tank, HKS filter, 3 inch exhaust, Micks Metal FMIC, head studs, copper head gasket, Trust Profec EBC. Thats all I can think of at the moment. It does go hard I guess but like I said I thought it would have made more!