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  1. edited hope it makes more sense
  2. hey so not to long ago my revs started playing up and thought from thrashing my car..at first thought my box was f**ked because for awhile it felt like it was stuck in second gear and wouldnt rev any higher then 3000rpm, so i got annoyed stuck it in neutral and revved it out then put in drive during revving it out it spun the wheels and made clunk then it was ok.after that the gears were changing again but second was slipping. now its getting worsee because i i can rev upto 8000 in first and it wheel speed the car up to 60 but second and third slipp under pressure...now only first is working and second only works past 5500rpm anddoesnt change to third,i was reading up think it could be the tps but unsure please help need it fixed its killing me having to rev it out to 60 let roll back to 40 then rev it out again to 60 cause its like it wont change gears.... please need advice on how to fix
  3. has anyone ever thought of turning the s13 ashtray into a fibre glass cup/bottle/ice coffee holder?
  4. f**k man you really did it hard way compared to me and mine folds up and down like stock s13 i just tokk the material off s13 top rear then stripped s15 topr rear and used s13 metal top frame and put s15 matrerial over it then once that was don did the bottom half same as you but because the s13 metal frame was still in top half i just bolted back on like noraml and it clips ion and you can use the pull release as usual to go up and down but everyone works diff i guess atleast your letting the people know oh and another thing reason i re trimmed was the s15 top half sits majorly high if you use that frame
  5. well i just put dcc into my s13 and there is actually three types of analog units so maybe you have the wrong one and it wont work through the dcc wiring iii tryed dcc into analog wiring and came up with no power so i gather its vice versa hope it helps maybe try getting your hands on the right loom due to dcc having the sensor wire in it think that it alters the power but yeh