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  1. Federal Tyres Drift Attack 2011

    Thanks for the quick reply Yoshi, if Winton are telling you that then our frustration is misdirected, can you let me know what the outcome is after your meeting with Winton so we can take it up the issue up with the relevant parties?
  2. Federal Tyres Drift Attack 2011

    Actually...it's not, according to the hire agreement: "6.ii To take proper care of the Raceway and keep the Raceway in good working order, condition and repair (fair wear and tear or act of God excepted) at all times during the hire period. At the conclusion of the hire period, the Hirer shall ensure that the Raceway is in such good working order, condition and repair." As an organizer, it's pretty poor form to make the people after you sweep the racing line of all the crap dredged up onto the track during your watch.
  3. I have had lots of custom work done by Fred at Topstage, mostly carbon stuff.
  4. Redline MT-90

    There's a lot of conjecture over using GL5 oil in a GL4 box, most people claim that over time a GL5 oil will eat away at yellow metals, like brass and apparently sycnhro gears have a high brass content. Personally I'm not entirely sure, but I've blown a gearbox whilst accidentally using GL5 in it for about three track days. IMO, not worth the risk, use what the gearbox specifies.
  5. Redline MT-90

    I rate MT90. I use it in my Zed's box which requires GL4 oil. I usually change my transmission oil once it gets notchy and hard to shift...Nulon lasted one track day, MT90 went for three track days. I've got Castrol in there at the moment, it's been used one track day and still OK but starting to get a bit notchy, I'll probably change it back to Redline after the next track event.
  6. If you're simply after extra on-track cooling capacity then an oil cooler is the better buy. Volumetrically it will add at least another 1/2 - 1 litre depending on the size of the core and length of lines. I think you will see peak oil temperatures drop between 5-10 degrees. Not sure about the SR oil pans though, if they're poorly designed then you should probably fix that first? Oil over-heating can be fixed by a cool down lap...exploded engines are a little harder.
  7. The diff guy

    Do Centreline do it themselves, or send it off? Chris corner-weighed my car and it was good work...also interested in everyone's experiences as I've already munched one final drive and the second one is starting to make noise. Personally I don't think the person I took it too shimmed it up too well, there's heaps of lash through the drivetrain at the moment...
  8. Snow Trip

    Buller do a hiring clinic at the start of each season (info is on the website). It's basically a four-day course where you learn the basics of teaching and get some tips on your skiing/snowboarding. At the end of the course a number of people get selected to start the new season. They focus more on your attitude/interpersonal skills rather than your riding ability. This year snowboard school hired around 15 new instructors through the hiring clinic, I think there were around 60-70 applicant. If you're doing it part-time the minimum commitment is 15 days a season. There aren't a lot of perks, especially if you're doing it part time, free lift pass, some retail and food discounts, training. Personally I do it for the training, there's at least four hours a week where you get to go riding with the best instructors in the mountain and get to progress your own abilities.
  9. front lips/canards and rear GT wings

    RE Amemiya RX7 testing various rear wing configurations at Tsukuba. No wing vs. factory wing vs. GT-wing. Between 2 track days the only modification I did was GT-Wing, the difference between PBs was 1.8 seconds at Winton, most of the time made through the turn 2/3 sweeper.
  10. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    ns nickname: Kam80 Car Make and Model: 2005 Z33 350Z Track N/A Modifications Engine: Plenum Spacer, Extractors, High-flow Cats, Exhaust Power: 150rwkw Suspension: GReddy Tyres: Advan A050 Brakes: Factory-issue Brembo Other: GT-Wang Car weight: 1480kg? Sandown : 1:28.8 11/10/2009 - Natsoft - http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?17/04/2010.ECR Philip Island : 1:59.9 13/12/2009 - Natsoft - http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?13/12/2009.PHIL.S23.Y Winton : 1:40.1 08/03/2010 - Natsoft - http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?08/03/2010.WIN.S1 F/I Modifications Engine: Plenum Spacer, Extractors, High-flow Cats, Exhaust, Vortech Supercharger, E-manage Ultimate Power: 250rwkw Suspension: GReddy Tyres: Advan A050 Brakes: Factory-issue Brembo Other: GT-Wang Car weight: 1500kg? Winton : 1:39.9 23/05/2010 - Natsoft - http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?23/05/2010.WIN.S6.Y
  11. Suspension

    +1 to that. Too many people plough all this money into a car "getting it ready for track" without actually having set foot on tarmac. Just go, you'll have fun regardless and the best way to make your car faster is to make its driver faster.
  12. Oil cooler

    It depends on the oil, but 100-degrees is a fairly conservative number, maybe for that stuff you can at the supermarket. The flash point of a decent synthetic oil, like 300V, is over 200-degrees, but as oil ages, picks up contaminants and heat-cycles the threshold reduces.
  13. what tyres to get

    +1 to not getting Kangers, they are uber poo! I have Hankook K110 now and they are pretty good, especially when you can get them really cheap from www.tirerack.com. I've just bought a pair of 285/30/19 for $312 each, shipped.
  14. Oil cooler

    If you're going to track it, the more cooling bits you have the better. My last motor got replaced under warranty, so while waiting for the new motor to come from Japan I decided to see how hot it would get on a race track. Answer: 140-degrees at the sensor, meaning that in other parts of the motor it would have been significantly hotter. Now my car is boosted but also running a koyo radiator + low temp thermostat and HKS oil cooler, peak temperatures are around 120-degrees, much safer really. VQ motors run hot though, thanks to ever tightening emissions control. I'm not too sure how hot SRs get...I never had mine above 110-degrees.
  15. Snow Trip

    LoL no, but a 2 hour lesson is free with a limited (beginner-run) lift ticket. That sucks, apparently NZ are having a massive season this year, Cardrona is great, though I haven't been since 2001. No crew at Abom as yet, far as I know, but they've been harsh to a few trainee ops this year, not "officially" putting them on yet and having them volunteer their time.