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  1. Bad whine on cold start

    here is another thread with the same problem. http://hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=451357
  2. Bad whine on cold start

    i had the same problem with a redtop, it was the dented sump. i replaced it and it was fine. it would speed up when i revved it and it was coming from the rocker cover, must be something running dry in the head?
  3. there's hardly ever cruises in vic anymore. it's all about having meets at either a car wash, mcdonalds or a kebab shop, while wearing snap backs, tight jeans and a t-shirt with the logo "illest" "yolo" or "swag" it was better 5 years ago, not sure about 10 as i wasn't driving back then.
  4. Evo 7 Recaros in s13

    7 and 8 seats are the same. don't know what he's talking about being soft.
  5. Top end rattle when revs drop

    there is two balace shafts on the evos, and when they're out of timing it will usually vibrate the whole car upon revving and it will start about 2500/3000rpm and up and you will have lost lots of power, and it does sound as if it's a top end problem. it usually wont do it when the revs are dropping. did it only occur after the timing belt was done?
  6. Engine Bay Cleaning.

    wheel cleaning acid, and just hose it off.
  7. Where can I fill up with high octane fuel ?

    it's actually a blend of 91 and ethanol. it states on their website. 98 is fine.
  8. mine was a toyota soarer from hot wheels. it had glittery paint and funny thing is i still have it.
  9. Refer to topic, have you found anything interesting? Disgusting? Anything alive? This mainly applies for people who work in the automotive industry but it could include friends family etc.
  10. New age drifters

    how could you forget the snap backs and an illest sticker.
  11. Type x front lights

    the way i did it was by cutting the stock ones off and using some of those terminal spade things and just wiring them up and plugging them into the new globe holder. you just need the right size ones.
  12. car spray paint

    yeah it should be fine, but would be best if you were to high fill it and rub it back. if the matte black is done with spray cans (enamel) i advise taking all of that off because it could react.
  13. car spray paint

    i think guitars might be painted with lacquer, however it should be fine. just try not cutting through the current clear or you will get edge mapping when you apply the base.
  14. springvale rd police chase

    anyone know the driver or the car? there's rumors going around that it was stolen and who owned it.
  15. blocked bov

  16. Are these rims fixable? How much?(PICS)

    what's your preferred payment method? cash, bank cheque or eftpos?
  17. Removing front bumper for trailer?

    just reverse it on, it works most of the time.
  18. New 180sx owner

    welcome to the forum stavros.
  19. replacing s15 front bonnet badge

    soak a rag with prepsol and let it sit on the glue for 10 minutes, it will come off straight away.
  20. it happens on most jobs i paint at work. they're called nibs and you can sand them out with 1500 or 2000 and use some cutters to bring up the shine again. nothing would stick to 2k after 5 or 6 hours and that's without a bake.
  21. Sr20 rear main troubles

    speak to the guy in this thread, he seems to have the same problem. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=534782&hl=&fromsearch=1
  22. Does anyone know what wheels these are?

    they appear to be round, which is rare plus they look like some sort of bob jane special.
  23. Why Do We Pay More For Cars?

    is it true you can buy the equivalent of our ss commodore in america cheaper than buying one here, even though it's made here?
  24. when to shift on t28bb

    OP straight after he got flogged by the pulsar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDmKr8slxmk

    orange s14.5 on princes hwy turning right onto warigal road at about 5pm, car had shocking peel and runs in the paint.