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  1. dump pipe for jzx100

    Stock setups usually have the dump then stock cat part of the front pipe. Above posters are correct, 2 is a dump pipe, 1 is the front pipe. You need both...
  2. VicDrift Practice Day - December 2010

    And this is what happens. All the good people with great attitudes leave the sport, leaving only the douches to represent the sport. Fulllock must have seen this shit coming and got the f**k out asap, I don't blame them anymore. Steve, please keep drifting, I still wanna ride in that smoke machine if you will allow me! (Didn't get the chance to ask on the weekend)
  3. VicDrift Practice Day - December 2010

    I stopped posting here a fair while ago to the delight of the NS Vic/Westside crew but I just wanted to come back and say how pathetic the car/drift scene is. It's like you guys are a bunch of high school kids with ridiculous egos. There is always something to prove (Taaaaaaaarrrrrffff bru). There is always something to bitch about. There is always someone to make fun of. There is always someone to gang up on (mob mentality). Every event there is always people bitching and slagging on each other. None of this is done at the track/event but instead at home behind the screens after the event. It's not even funny anymore, again it's just pathetic. I mean if you really thought someone's race-suit was funny or whatever lame shit you can come up with to bag someone out for no particular good reason then you do that with your mates and keep it in your group. Everyone has in-jokes and it's perfectly fine if it stays where it is. But if you want your voice to be heard, man up and tell it like it is at the time and at the place to the person. Don't hide behind a screen and even go further by pretending not to know who you were slagging off; again pathetic. Apart from a possible grudge from a previous incident which any rational person could deduce wasn't anyone's fault in particular, I don't see why anyone would make it their mission to start shit online (lol...) after every single event. Incredibly lame and immature. Kills the the sport/hobby/culture/scene/whatever the f**k you want to call it. Stop being kids already. Also the street obstacles discussion going on is hilarious. Almost feels like Deej signed up again. Nah Deej. Also to the person complaining about someone gripping the Ms section in front of a tandem line, maybe next time try some thinking. Even if the person didn't make a gap you'd still get stuck because the person holding you up isn't the gap forming person but the leader, it doesn't take a genius to work this out. In addition, if you can see the person in front is slow, why don't you stay back for a bit and let the linesman know to hold back for a bit. Just because he tells you to go doesn't mean you must go no matter what. On a somewhat related note, I also agree with the people suggesting changes to how cars driving back through to pits are done. On a positive note, this was the first VicDrift event I've been to since my last event over 2 years ago and I must say things have stepped up. The event was very professional, ran very smooth, and the flow was fkn awesome (too awesome at times, I nearly caused a huge stack when I spun out in the middle of a hairpin and couldn't start the car ). Big thanks to everyone involved at Winton and VicDrift who are doing good for this sport in contrast to the bs online. Also thanks to Donny again for having me and helping me over the weekend. Sorry if I held up anyone with a few of my spins during the day, couldn't help it given I haven't slided for a while and having only realised I had a leak in my front tyre at the end of the day. TL;DR drift scene is pathetic.
  4. Excessive defect fines?

    Sorry, just wondering was it an actual HWY Patrol unit, standard pig mover, or unmarked one that pinged you? Cheers.
  5. Think you hella flush? Then WTF is this?

    If you only wanted to hear the same views, then go to church. What good is a discussion board with only 1 sheep view. BTW iReallyCare that I'm missed on these boards.
  6. Think you hella flush? Then WTF is this?

    different ppl different tastes. i personally think it look like shit, but who gives a f**k ay? why do you seem to have the need to start a shit fight over everything? I'm sorry, I didn't know posting my view on a discussion board was considered starting a fight. I did not call anyone names or make any rude comments. I will refrain from posting my views in the future. Maybe I will move to China too.
  7. Think you hella flush? Then WTF is this?

    thanks for your incredibly in depth input into this. heres an idea. go f**k off if you dont like it. i havent seen a single person mention in any form that its performance enhancing etc. they have only mention it looks mental. which it does. it takes a set off balls to roll that low like that. some people do cars up to look cool/different. not to lap tsukaba in 54 f**kign seconds. So then, please tell me your in depth and logically thought out reasoning of why oni-camber style is much more appealing and considered acceptable compared to Sydney sexspec and the like? BTW just being different does not automatically equate to being cool.
  8. Think you hella flush? Then WTF is this?

    Haha you guys are just a bunch of hypocrites. This stupid "style" with no purpose to enhance the car's performance that you guys are creaming over is no different than your 22inch dinner plate chromies and massive GT wings on Lancer GLs with EVO kits in kermit green. Same SHIT, different RICE. Now please go on to flame me because I don't give a f**k.
  9. whats that? on a carby engine if you turn the car off while driving along in gear, pump the gas afew times then turn the car back on it shoots a flame out the exhaust and makes a really loud bang It scares old people.
  10. So what do these cameras look like and where are the locations?
  11. FML.

    Having a group meeting for my assignment tomorrow... fkn Saturday. FML
  12. MOVEMBER - Join us

    Some races don't grow facial hair as quick as western races.
  13. Excuse my ignorance but why isnt this a good thing? Dont we want our dollar to loose value against the US so our exports are more attractive? which basically follows everything youve said after this the only reason its bad is because we wont be able to buy cheap shit from the US anymore. Is this the general vibe or am i way off? Seems to be that way.
  14. New Reality show about TMU... great

    Lawful exemption lolol.
  15. Worst Traffic Spots in Melbourne

    +1 on the Monash