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  1. Whiteline adjustable swaybars

    Can I get a price for front and rear swaybars for s15 thickest design there is and is pick up available? Otherwise post to campbelltown Sydney 2560 thanks
  2. Lol u making me blush but yeah daniel was my first customer so I had to look after him... But if anyone needs a hand or advice on the topic don't hesitate to pm me
  3. Hey mate after 2 pairs of the grid-r's one white one black, 18x10 +15 and 18x9.5 +20 best price!! Thanks mate 5x114.3 cheers
  4. Hey mate I just fixed mine.. I researched it for a while.. S14 s15 are identical engines.. It's the vct which is the Inlet cam gear.. Apparently when they are worn they don't supply sufficeint amount oil to the lifters causing the tractor noise.. Which is embarrassing.. They usually have a life span if 100xxx, less if u have changed the cams and springs.. Brand new vct is all u need which is about 600 bux.. Or u can do an adjustable cam gear for bout 300 bux but u lose power unless u get it tuned. It's always good to keep the vct tho.. Easy job can be done in half hour.. Pm if u need it done
  5. Working at the mines

    wow man looks like uve worked all over?? ive recently applied at 5 spots, first one that replied was west-trac, im hoping i get in there.. can i ask how the experience is? flying in staying at camps, boredem factor, and is the dough really good? ps i love powertune!!! chea is tha man
  6. My ride!

    I wanted to pull the sr box out and put the r33 tubo 5 speed into it.. I picked up the box for 300 and thought why not.. Then yeah when it was out thought I want to look stealth for all the hwy patrols.. And it worked they couldn't tell jack shit!! I was cheering.. But still got me for exhaust soni was burning.. Only was off the road for a month..
  7. My ride!

  8. My ride!

  9. My ride!

  10. My ride!

  11. Love it mate.. Looks crazy!! U do the work yourself?? Pistons rods ect?? I'd love to line u up
  12. My ride!

    My bad I meant 00 my mates is a 02 adm lol
  13. My ride!

  14. 97' 180sx Type X RPF1 / SSR's + 3071R

    Lovin the wheels they look crazy!!!
  15. Just joined! I love this site ;)

    Ive given a brief run down on my car in members rides under the sub heading of my ride... I've got heaps of pics but don't know how to upload off my iPhone