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  1. Zenki stuffs and SR20DE Engine parts for sale

    Sorry didnt know that. Thanks
  2. So i have bunch of Silvia stuffs. SR20DE And Zenki stuffs These are the stuffs i posted on ebay Fuel rail kit /set/ with injectors and wiring. $120 USD Ecu FK 23710 80F70 Nissan Silvia SR20DE /MT/ ECU $110 USD SR20 lower oil pan assembly OEM $100 USD SR20 Crankshaft bearing cups with 4 extra bearings $120 USD SR20 Camshaft cap set. 10pcs with bolts $120 USD Sr20 MAF SENSOR Mass Air Flow Sensor 22680 52F01 $130 USD window control switches and much more. If you need anything from Zenki or sr20de feel free to contact me Item location:Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Shipping $25 USD worldwide
  3. Zenki stuffs for sale

    And i have sr20 a/t transmission. 2 whole doors. if you need anything from it ask me
  4. Zenki stuffs for sale

    So i have bunch of Zenki stuffs for sale. i put them on ebay. 1. Zenki front right stock fender. asking price is 150$. no body filler or whatsoever. shipping will be 100$ 2. A/T Transmission ecu for sr20. code SA 31036 66F00 80$ Ebay link shipping price: 25$ 3. Both passenger and driver side power window switch. Driver side switch is may broken. both 70$ no returns ebay link shipping 25$ 4. Zenki door panels. 2pcs maybe 150$. very heavy so shipping price is insane almost 200$ 5. interior door handles 35$ for both. shipping will cost 25$ 6. Light and wiper control switches 60$ shipping will be 25$ Ebay link 7. exterior door handles with key hub and ignition barrel with one extra key. 8. left side mirror 9. stock steering wheel everything comes straight outta green zenki ) shipping will be 60$ and 70 for the s.wheel.... 10 POWER WINDOW AMPLIFIER 28515 65F00 Ebay link Please contact me through ebay. it is easier for everyone i guess. or email me n.anarmaa@gmail.com It will be shipped from Mongolia. and i am trying to ship everything on the lowest shipping rates possible. i will post rest of the pics asap
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  12. SR20DET or RB20DET

    quick question, how much does both cost? i'm thinking of changing my engine...
  13. Nissan S14 Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    sorry for bad quality kind of a phone camera but still hope ya'll enjoy it ^^
  14. Nissan S14 Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    Wow nice! Beautiful cars.... I'm new and also have K 14