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  1. pulled it all out took it all off, re-wired to two way to a single bypass line now doesnt heat just when i press the lock button on remote, the lights dont blimp on and off, i guess thats fine so no problems so far took it for a drive ended up getting diked again no rego and suspended liecene after a whole days work so great!
  2. alrighty looks like ill be stripping down the wire loom see whats going on
  3. The fuses you see there are for the dash light board and light to make it brighter hud there is no visable fuses to or from the alarm there is however cut wires here and there but then again it only done it recently and ground is Good to, if the wires are old corroded rusty could that cause it by any chance?
  4. Really need some feedbak as its doing my head in, I tryed putting the wires differently was expecting a surge but again only heated up and when i press on the throttle it heats up faster according to how far i press it ... never ever came across a problem like this before im stunned and out of options, my last option is to remve the alarm system but whoever wired up the car last has left such a mess u dont even want to get in there !
  5. its always has a 1st start problem takes 5-6 cranks then will be fine rest of day, i noticed some light white smoke today from tailpipe im guessing its headgasket, BUT anyhow The wire i replaced has heated up again and melted the plastic I dont understand why its heating at that same point, can it be from old wires?
  6. I get this only when its cold would have to sit there turning key over for about 20-30secs to fire up. BUT in the warm weather it will start 1st go and the rest of the day regardless if its warm or cold it will start its just that 1st cold morning start that does it, I had changed maf and afm it did fix for about 1 week and went bak to being the same I just gave up
  7. Hey peoples, my s13 decided one day not to start this was a while back 3-4months, I never got around to asking what was this and why did it cause this problem, heres the photos of were it is, when this happened, the car was not starting i was going crazy trying to find the issiue and did in the end, Here is what i found, immobilizer Then I basically ripped off the fried plastic bits and connected the wires and the car started up 1st go, So I went to autobarn and got the same 2 way plastic connectors and connected the wiring to it and plugged in and started, Now my question is while i Connected the wires into the white plastic thing, is there a specific way to re-attach the wires, becuse im not sure that i connected the wires to the write or opposing wire thru the plastic connector, if i place my finger over it some what feels a little warm to hot, any ideas? not Causing any trouble though its been on my mind for a while.
  8. ^^ I had the same problem I did it myself to find out what Dan has said above, however after i had taken it to a brake joint it fixed so most likely in-proper bleeding
  9. thanks man cleared my mind on about 7 questions, now I get why and how the connecting to cyl 1 and light = with the spark, So im guessing correct me if im wrong, If there are wrong sized spark plug's the timing will somewhat be off? or will it adjust to the spark, And does it matter if ignition is wired up to thermos to work non stop will this change anything or will pulling the tps equal out that, cheers yusuf.
  10. I purchased a cheap ass sr20det to muk around with learn on engine get to know internals etc i know most of the basics the most challenging thing I have done is strip down engine to almost bare, and put it bak together and get it running again which i suceded, though my brain for some reason just cant figure out the timing and how to even though ive read multiple threads, I want to purposly retard the timing on this sr20det, and try and re-fix it to learn by mistakes or not, as i dont have someone beside me to coach me thru it Thought i might ask here, if however there is somewere another good thread to help me out i would appreciate the links and more then happy to try them, as for the timing light, I went to supercheap they only have two kinds one was about $70 basic that connects to batery and number 1 cyl other was a bit more expensive but looked exatly the same to me, Ive watched a few vid tutorials and I get were you have to point the gun etc but that is were im at now all about learning cheers Yusuf,
  11. Hey fellas, Just for the kicks of it I want to learn how to use the gun and set timing, I know theres heaps of threads about it but In every one I just have not picked up nuthing, in the simplest way can someone type up step by step of setting the timing on a sr20det blacktop Pics will help a thousand times more! Thanks
  12. I had to get the cat put on to pass EPA noise level's remember? I dont mind it was a fun task off gutting, the old one got crushed up thrown out, this one flows much more then it though ive noticed. It doesnt get worst every time i drive it, always the same, still pulls hard in all gears except mid range 3rd, pulls to 100ks on 2nd pretty quick to after 3400 - 3800 revs, i must had been driving like this for yonks! No smoke at all dude! only from the engine oil case, if u remover the oil cap, while engine is running u get some puff of steam/white not pouring out thugh
  13. ill call ya when im around urs just want to get these bolts on then thing drives normaly again on 10psi