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  1. Hello friends. I have an s15, stock turbo with all basic bolt ons. Boost controller set at 14psi/1bar. Its been dynod at approx 195rwkw. Would spending approx $1000 on a nistune and tune make any significant differences to response and how nicely it runs? Maybe even more power?
  2. Hi friends. I've been away from home for 2 years and my s15 has pretty much been sitting in a garage for that time. It was driven once briefly about 1 year ago. There is very little fuel left in the tank, almost empty. What should I do to get it road ready again? Oil + filter change? Fuel filter? Spark plugs? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Ryan's S13

    amazing. hope you keep it stock as a rock. clean stock s13s are rare as unicorns now
  4. S15 Fuel Pump - $50

    Price : $50 Condition : Used Hi for sale is my stock s15 fuel pump. good condition removed for upgrade. comes with the sock.. $50 ono. located in gordon. shipping at your expense.
  5. S15 power loss

    my s15 noticably runs out of puff beyong 6k. its got bolt ons and boost up to 14psi. always figured thats just how stock turbo and cams are.
  6. MCA Blue Suspension.

    how much did you guys pay all up for red/blue??
  7. MCA Blue Suspension.

    Has anyone had any experience with these coilovers? Are they any good? How do they compare with the well known jab brands? for ~~$1500 and 2 year warrantly they sound like a decent deal.
  8. my 2 cents is dont go for 5w too damn thin engine kept dropping oil pressure during hot summer days
  9. S15 Handbrake binding.

    How would I go about diagnosing / fixing that? I just changed my rear brake pads and the pistons wound back in ok with some heavy force.
  10. S15 Handbrake binding.

    Hello ns.com Some advice would be appreciated. I think my handbrake is binding when the lever is down because my rear pads wore down twice as fast as the fronts. Also the rear brakes are hotter than the fronts after a drive. When the car is jacked up the rear wheels have quite some resistance from the brakes. It will spin like a quarter turn freely if I spin it pretty forcefully. My plan was to jack the rear up and adjust the 10mm bolt on the handbrake lever until there is very little resistance for the rear wheels spinning? Is this the right thing to do? Any feedback? And exactly how freely should the rear wheels spin? Thanks.
  11. S15 rear brake pad help pls.

    Thanks for the feedback. Ended up using long nose pliers, leaving the top bolt of the caliper in and really using my body weight to push it in as I twisted. It eventually twisted in far enough. The other side twisted with no drama.
  12. Hi ns.com. Could do with some advice. I tried changing my rear brake pads today. Got the old ones out and started twisting the piston back in with some pliers so that the new pads would fit. Problem is at a certain point the piston became really easy to twist and stopped going in no matter how much I twisted it. At this point when I twisted it the anticlockwise the piston came back out, but just would not twist back in. Ended up putting the worn pads back. Any ideas or help? Thanks.
  13. Brake bias questions.

    Hello NS. Had my S15 almost 2 years now and use it as a daily. Replaced all 4 brake pads when i first got the car. The rears are pretty much finished now, but the fronts still have loads of meat left on them. A mate pointed out that my car must have a pretty heavy rear brake bias. Aside from a couple of times before when ive been surprised at how easy it was to trigger the abs off (usually in the wet), ive had no issues with my brakes and they feel fine and strong for street use. So my questions are would having a rear brake bias have a big effect of braking and handling for street driving? Is it worth changing it? And how would i go about changing it? Cheers!
  14. Is Australia a racist country?

    im asian and in the middle of sydney i dont particularly feel theres much racism.. my mates and i go up to the central coast time to time on road trips.. and ive had bogans yell racist shit at me unprovoked numerous times.. i get the impression the further you head out of the major cities the more open racism there is.
  15. Saturday exhaust shops Sydney?

    They Are so shit But there open on saturdays Turbo exhaust in Smithfield shits on them and they are open on Saturday as well I'm also open on Saturday as well Let me know exactly what your after i think ive already contacted you on fb.. that is you right? its the v350 that needs some straight pipes fabricated.