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  1. Speaker choice

    Been looking at getting these https://www.jbhifi.com.au/gps-car-audio/jl-audio/jl-audio-c2600x-6-60w-car-speakers/54289/ I'm not very audio savvy, I'm after something with a bit of bass, I had alpine type R and S in my last Skyline, Really crisp but lacked the bass even when hooked up to an amp.
  2. Bitcoin Thread

    Seems pretty interesting, I remember when people were all fixed on bitcoin mining, now it seems that the ROI is too high and everyone has abandoned the idea
  3. Project Ranga s14

    When are these puppies going on
  4. What cars have you driven/owned

    Nissan N15 Pulsar, got it before my L's and learned to drive in it. Kept it for a few years, put some SSS goodies in it... except the motor.... Sad panda Now I got an R34 Gt-Four Skyline
  5. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    Halfway hang's was rad. A mate of mine owned the RWD Forester and I was lucky enough to get heaps of passenger runs in! Also.... I may know the dude who picked up the possum
  6. things that annoy you

    A post code would do wonders
  7. ARMA 3

    Anyone here playing? Need to organise a group so we can raid some towns

    I'm a left handed drummer mainly, but I cam do a bit of crossover and what not too. Yeah I've just moved the hats closer haha good spotting!
  9. Any Scuba Divers?

    Bumpety bump into 2014 hereeeeeeee weeeee go! I'm in the process of getting my open water cert, Just finished my theory side of things. Currently I've done my Confined Water Dive and a Open Water Dive. I have one more Open Water to go then my exam

    Sienna Skies - Game Changer http://youtu.be/jrycOdnlpfw

    My cover of Limp Bizkit's My Way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxX3DV4Biv0&feature=share
  12. ARMA 3

    Bought this game yesterday. I decided to since I played Arma 2 and the alpha and liked them. Spent last night teaming up with 2 randoms and went out and hit 3 enemy camps. Scoped each one out and planned it meticulously for like 5-10 mins before making a move. The AI is crafty at times I must say. They shot my chopper down twice and blew up our hunter APC. Here's a screenshot of an enemy camp after we cleared it. Also, I'm a bit disappointed with the weapons/equipment GUI. It's so plain and cluttered/boring. I'd like to think that after Arma 2 they would make it a bit more modern.
  13. Your car - what's happening?

    Mostly the build quality wont be as good as a genuine so it's a safety issue I've heard stories where this one poor dude had his fake bride seat snap in half during an accident and left him with spinal injuries. His missus was in the passenger seat also running a fake bride as well and got impaled in the leg from it crumbling.
  14. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Dam its sitting nice now