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  1. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    changed out my fuel filter today in an effort to fix my low-mid rpm lean out. filter was feeling restricted when blowing into it and i could tell it was a fair way past it's usable reliable filtration, that being said it was an oem from factory and after 145,000k's it really did need changing. the fuel coming out the inlet side was brown/black and very gritty. new filter could litterally sigh through the inlet and there was no restriction at all. heres hoping it help's!
  2. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    You could try Sikaflex if you haven't already, but it may be getting hammered by the screwy aerodynamics it's likely causing. For lack of a more similar example, check out the tuft test on this beetle. The tufts immediately behind the spoiler whip forwards and backwards due to the turbulance in the low pressure zone the spoiler creates. Given the S15 roofline is longer and your spoiler is far bigger, I'd expect the effect will be greater. have used sikaflex 3 times with it, first time i used a sealant type by mistake, but still held about as long if not longer than other attempts with proper windscreen sika. the roof spoiler isn't quite a good fit, has almost an inch gap when layed on the windscreen on one side, my last d-max wing on my s14a stayed on for well over a year using the same stuff with the same uneven fit, just needed some force to hold it down when it was setting. tried the same method with this one but havent had the same luck. hence the quote " buying knockoff shite". intersting video, i remeber seeing actual wind tunnel smoke tests with various car shapes being tested and can see what you mean with turbulence. still devo'd it won't stay put though.
  3. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    was more-so for looks, i like how it continues the sleek lines as does the boot lips aswell, some will disagree and say it completely takes away from the shape and flow of the cars lines, all down to personal prefference really. some like it, some sit on the fence, others love it. i'm devoe'd it wont stay put, as it really finishes the car off for me on a cosmetic level. i suppose that's what happens when you buy knockoff shite lol.
  4. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    thanks bud! thanks! glad you like it! really have no plans on altering the rear of the car anymore, apart from maybe some smoked d-max crystal tailights. LMGT's in black or white would definitely suit the s-tune theme to a T, but i'm still incredibly happy with how the car sits on rota svn-r's. took a big gamble with them, i almost settled on XXR 527's. then i decided i wanted enkei RPF01's and almost bought a set but saw the svn-r's being similar in design to the enkei and being the cheapest option i went with rota despite numerous claims they fail and break etc. in other news my roof spoiler decided today that it didn't want to stay put, so i had to pull it off. might leave it off since it's the 3rd time it doesn't want to stay glued to the windscreen.
  5. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    thanks! thanks bud! it seems everyone is saying this, i personally won't fork out $250+ for them where others will, they may look good on my car but as stated in a previous post it really isnt a necessity for me or my car. it would be good if i found a second hand set at a reasonable price and if i have the cash to throw around but chances of that happening are slim. only real thing i got lucky with like that was my spec R skirts, payed 180 for them and they were already colour coded! $250 really isn't that expensive man it's not so much about it being expensive or not, it's more-so in my eyes a waste of money. i've never really took a big liking to pods, and thus never had the urge to purchase them. as i feel my car looks fine as it is and wouldnt benefit much for personal satisfaction if i bought and fitted them.
  6. OzJustin's S15 Spec S GT ADM - Evolution

    Thanks mate. Yes the exhaust has been bugging me for a while now. I love the sound and stealth of my current Magnaflow oval tips but I'm really missing the aggressive look of a cannon. I'm thinking about moving to a Magnaflow 14829 muffler if it won't increase the sound. The 14829 is a 5x8in oval body with a 4in round angle cut rolled edge single tip. Should look much tougher than my current setup. Thoughts on it being louder? I do have a mid resonator already. Re the tyres, I prefer wider rubber to keep traction i don't think it would be much louder, it really depends on whether it's a straight through or angled design. resonators don't do alot for noise suppresion, more-so just smoothing out the tone and reducing raspiness. but i definitely think the single 4" will look much nicer. i am actually thinking or removing my magnaflow cannon and putting straight pipes in with the addition of another mid muffler to try and keep noise levels the same if not quieter. true, that is the one thing that i do miss on rainy days.
  7. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    thanks! thanks bud! it seems everyone is saying this, i personally won't fork out $250+ for them where others will, they may look good on my car but as stated in a previous post it really isnt a necessity for me or my car. it would be good if i found a second hand set at a reasonable price and if i have the cash to throw around but chances of that happening are slim. only real thing i got lucky with like that was my spec R skirts, payed 180 for them and they were already colour coded!
  8. OzJustin's S15 Spec S GT ADM - Evolution

    looks really clean and tidy, perfect for a DD without drawing too much attention unlike my own s15 , the only things i don't quite like are the tail lights, oval muffler tips and the boost gauge fitment. also the lack of stretch on the tyres, but that's just me. good work!
  9. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    the boxing gloves are sentimental, not that i'm a boxer or anything it just so happens that it was a gift given to me that has my herritage on it, would've preffered it to be a soccer ball or something like that but beggers can't be choosers hey? i did think about moving them to the gear surround, wasn't sure if they would be annoying on gear changes. and the racegraphix logo is there for advertisement purposes, i don't mind it there, infact i actually like the chrome red and white logo, again i reckon it pops to the eye on the black.
  10. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    s-tune style is reffering to just the decal work, didnt like the s-tune body kit so that won't be put on to make it more like an s-tune s15. your right, it doesn't. again the s-tune style refference is only for the decal work. from what i can remember the only things s-tune produced for the s15 is a set of shocks a body kit a rear strut brace and something else i can't remember. nothing i'm really interested in. i was only interested in the design of thier decals from thier r34/350z/s15 etc. each to thier own, most s15's i see nowdays always run the same or very similar setup's, namely te37's work meisters or copies of such and vertex or similar bodykits. the decals are what make it pop out to the eye. if it is seen in person it's easily understandable. but again each to thier own, my car my money, my ideas, my pleasure.
  11. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    cheers for the kind words. as for my car, i dig it. to me that's all that matters thought about rear pods, but @ $240 for a pair in frp it's a little too much. it would be ok if i had them but they aren't a necessity for me/my car.
  12. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    glad you like it dude, that is part of the plan, i love s14/s15 silvia's to death but when i see 1000's of them all repping te37's and vertex bodykits it make me cringe. sometimes it's good to be different.
  13. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    cheers originals would probably cost a mint to source, there are decal sets i recall on ebay, but i just got my brother to make them up for me as it was a butload easier (and free!!). starting to cop the fast and furious quotes already from people who have no idea of nismo stune decals. :| although i have to admit i was expecting it.
  14. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    hey guys, name is jace i am a big fan of S-chassis and used to own a red s14a which was my first real turbo car, but since then i tried to move on and be respectable with my money and went on to buy a corolla sportivo, didn't last long without a turbo so i sold it to my older brother, 6 months later here i am introducing my new money pit! i like to keep and modify my cars with a clean fairly subtle appearance, not a fan of big chunky bodykits big flares and the likes. this is my 02 ADM spec S GT s15! bought it basically stock with just a full exhaust and coilovers and at the time picked it up for an absolute steal! current mods; motor/fuel/exhaust; standard internals custom no-hole fmic turbotech V2 mbc k&n pod 11psi walboro 255 gktech stainless bell dump gktech stainless midpipe high flow cat custom stainless mandrel bent cat back finished with a fagnaflow cannon suspension/arms; HKS hypermax III coilovers generic camber arms generic toe arms wheels/brakes; ROTA SVN-R 18x9 +20 & 18x10 +20 finished in matte black sporting forceum d850 205/40 and forcuem hexa 225/40 respectively stock brakes/generic pads interior/audio/visual standard leather front seats pioneer headunit 6" 3-way audiolines all round calibre boost gauge in-dash duralumin gear knob various hanging ornaments exterior/body JDM DC2 integra front lip Rolled and pulled/flared 1 1/2" rear guards JDM JJR wind deflectors spec R side skirts deleted gt wing de-badged rear and blacked out front emblem blacked out rear reflectors D-max roof spoiler Nismo S-Tune side and bonnet decals courtesy of racegraphix. trying to stand out amongst the many s15's. that's about all there is, it has come a fair way from when i bought it almost 5 months ago. but there is still much more to do before i can consider it finished "cosmetically". future mods to do are; fit my innovate wideband done! fit a origin boot lip black out or clear side indicators tint windows smoke rear light indicators swaybars front & rear front strut brace nistune possibly ways down the road + various things i can't think of right now. let me know what you think!
  15. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Kilometres : 172000 Price : $10,500 Condition : Used 172000k's strong healthy motor full 3" turbo back exhaust consisting of a mandrel bent stainless steel with high flow cat with mild steel bellmouth style dump. power spirit FMIC/stainless piping standard garret T28 mounted on a high mount steam pipe HPC coated manifold with braided oil/water lines and custom braided oil dump HKS copy 38mm external wastegate at 16psi plumed back turbosmart stealth dual port BOV plumed back pod filter with stainless intake NPC 5puk custom cushion button clutch Dmax style roof spoiler 17x9 +22 BLITZ type 01's on goodyear eagle F1 gsd3, and blue streak stillettos both at around 75% tread neotech camber arms gktech toe arms BC BR adjustable coilovers with custom 9F 8R spring rates calibre boost and oil press guage mounted in a dual pillar pod topstage lip OEM luxury side skirts genuine nismo gear knob and gear boot cd player with usb/mp3/aux pioneer front and rear speakers and a few other bits and pieces that i can't think of right now... this car has been great and has never given me any troubles the only bad things are; needs wheel alignment (getting done soon) rev tacho is very tempermental i am negotiable a bit on price to an extent but will let it go AS IS for cheaper. no test pilots! serious buyers only please! please contact me via mobile anytime AFTER 2:30pm as before then i can not have my phone with me. thanks. DO NOT CALL ON A PRIVATE NUMBER AS I WILL NOT ANSWER!!!!