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  1. Small Car Sunday

    SCS hillclimbs were where it was at..
  2. Look at the Moon

    And right now it looks normal.
  3. 180sx query

    It seems we are swapping countries soon.. My car is in my signature.
  4. Im heading to hotham in July - I've only ever been to falls before. Going with the uni.
  5. 14 car pileup on south road

    Brighton road! Crazy traffic on there tonight. Backed up from Somerton Park to past Seacliff. Anyone know the story? I didn't see anything.
  6. Just got a tuning quote

    My car is tuned by boostworx.. Goes hard.
  7. life advice!

    It's piss easy to get a job at a bank in Adelaide if your capable.. I worked for two big banks (behind the scenes) before moving onto what I studied 5 years at uni for.
  8. Brake Upgrade issues.

    My car has 5 stud. Buy that yes.
  9. RC drift demo @ Autosalon

    If we can get in for free I'm sure there will be lots of people to help, me included.
  10. How big is ur Radz?

    I have a 54mm Greddy one. Expensive but looks awesome and definitely does the job. Buy it with my car.
  11. diff halfshafts

    I once tried this. It may have worked as the splines were the same but I wasn't about to do it because of the differences.. See pic. R200 silvia diff (6 bolt) with the green tags vs R200 94 180sx diff (5 bolt)
  12. what i just saw.

    I saw the aftermath of an altercation between a black R34 and a bus on cross road today. Everyone would have been alright, but the R34 had some serious scrapes and dents the whole way down the drivers side.
  13. R33 Calipers on a s13

    I just got a set of braided lines made up. Makes the whole brake line issue easy as.
  14. haha, I swear mine was started doing something like this on my way back from work today too! It was covered in dirt, so I went and washed it and went for a boost now that it's cooler and it seems to be fine, so I put it down to me being paranoid and the humid weather (SA, in the afternoon today).
  15. 5 stud upgrade

    just loosen where the lines connect, shove a rag in there so no oil drips onto the paintwork and push the pedal a few times. That's how I did it - there might be better, less dodgy ways I don't know about.