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  1. to get a permit you have to go into a service sa and fill a form out. take your rego papers with you coz you need vin/engine numbers. you also have to list the specific roads youre going to use and what time you want the permit for. the permit can last upto 72hrs so make sure they dont try and screw you out of that. also i know mates who have just written "via all main roads" instead of listing every single road but thats never worked for me. and its about $60 now. as for the plates just hand the old ones in before you re register the car then youll get issued new ones. also you dont need plates to get the permit.
  2. exhaust fabrication

    Just got one done by Andrew at AM Engineering. He's in Athol Park, does good work and is well priced.
  3. What does SA have to offer?

    If its registered in your name im vic already then all you have to do is fill a form out at the rego office. No inspection needed.
  4. What does SA have to offer?

    Closer to $200 for the first one now. But dont get the wrong idea, its not all doom and gloom here. If you drive sensibly and dont do silly things like straight through exhausts and bald tyres you'll be left alone for the most part. Plus theres plenty of good driving roads up in the hills.
  5. What does SA have to offer?

    As far as roadworthys theres only one place (well two but theyre both the same, run by transport department) and pretty much anything adjustable suspension wise is a no go. Stuff like pods and front mounts are ok as long as their done properly and exhausts as long as their not too loud or hang too low.

    i saw that patrol near gillman upull it on sunday. made me lol

    If thats the one i think it is then it used to have a massive zokusha style front splitter and rear wing that he had to take off to get it rego'd.

    I don't know any specifics, only what I read from Olds Mark on facebook.

    Apparently this will be the last one, too many people complaining about having to donate to get a route map.

    its got a L28 with tripe carbs though, sounds amazing
  11. Operation safe hills

    I propose these become mandatory once you leave your house.
  12. Operation safe hills

    how many road users are there in sa? a million (even if it was 500k)? is 97 deaths really a big deal? and how many were bikers? ban bikes halve the road toll. and over 60% of fatalities are on rural roads so why isnt there more focus on country/highway drivers? edit: this is assuming the govt is concerned about safety
  13. car impound

    well no thats the whole point, its up to the courts to punish people, not the police.
  14. car impound

    Not quite, they cant punish someone else for your mistake. If you got your mates car impounded he can apply to get it out early because he wasnt driving.
  15. car impound

    Not much with the hoon laws. Its like defects, they dont need any actual proof that youve done any wrong, they just charge you with something and you have to fight it in court.