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  1. my 200 sx s14

    To heavy what's with all the audio equipment
  2. Australian Drifting GP - website now up

    Bring the event to tassie down at Baskerville
  3. Tas Drift Series Rnd2 Photos&Videos

    Just relised there's a topic exactly like this woops
  4. Lloyd Smith's 1UZ-FE AE71 Corolla Drift Car

    What happened to Lloyd's old KE30 Rolla
  5. What time is the first race and what's the finish time?
  6. What time does this event kick off
  7. Tassie Tuning Shops

  8. Tassie Tuning Shops

    Which tassie tuning shop do you use
  9. South Tassie Car Club

    Anyone intrested in starting up a tassie car club just leave a post