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  1. Want to buy a stock s14 Harmonic balancer crank pulley, prefer if you live in Sydney. Save on postage and plus I need it asap. Hit me up if you have 1. Also who does everyone go to for s14 parts in Sydney?? Thanks.
  2. How would you feel if this was your car?

    won't be happy, Jan
  3. Show us your custom Number plates

    I got my car resprayed black, had black letters on white they looked so shit, got plates remade in silver letters on black, think i paid $330 or so one off fee.. Cost a small fortune but makes the car look so much better and added 30wasps depending on the angle of tilt. If dont want your car to be recognized then dont do it up.

    How much you pay for the turbo and is your rear .64? Prices here http://www.hypergear...t&product_id=56 I paid $1150 and $80 for the braided oil feed line you need, can't remeber how much postage cost. Yeah .64 rear, full boost by 3800-4000rpm as pur40 said but it makes boost from idle, didn't notice much of a loss of low end power compared to the old t28 Thanks mate.. I already have braided lines. Im getting full boost by then too on a 2871r after I changed back to the stock manifold and its so much better to drive now. Would love to see my results with one of these on!

    How much you pay for the turbo and is your rear .64?
  6. Dyno Results and/or Need a clutch

    21psi on t28 My s14 made 207kw@13.5psi. Full stock just un1cams.. maxing the afm out followed by injectors. Stock clutch held up for ages until went to the runs. Love the no bs stamp unigroup put on the dyno sheet
  7. ASI Radiators

    Im using one. Works a treat and Straight fit
  8. sounds good keep us posted on details
  9. Jecs 620cc injectors.. maybe 640cc?? forgot Un1cams 3" exhaust hi flo cat FMIC Z32 afm Nistune tuned on pump 98 retaining the VCT With a turbo equivalent to 3076 i was expecting around 260kw as you mentioned thats why im like hmmmm.. seems abit on the low side.
  10. dont mind a read but this i one hell of a bed time story.
  11. I would thought you would be making more from a turbo that size but tonnes of response is whats got me. Im currently making 236kw @ 18psi with a Garrett 2871r. Ive changed back to the stock manifold which has improved my response. Im kinda leaning away from the Tomei now after was asked nicely not to buy (listen to the man who makes 350kw on stock gear!) Wasnt planning on buying, just getting some thoughts about them. Hypergear is now in sight
  12. WOW! thats impressive on stock motor, stock cams, stock exhaust manifold, stock plenum, stock gearbox
  13. Nah, I havnt looked into Hypergear as I was just shopping on ebay and the Tomei popped up. Are you running one of these hypergears now? What figures are u getting?? I agree $2k is silly.
  14. Hi fellow NS peeps... I have been considering getting the precision 5130 for some time as I have heard very good reviews on them. Its hard to give up $1800+ for just turbo and actuator, thats pricey for me and then you have to add for dyno tune. I came across this/ these turbos (see link below) Includes all the little goodies, direct bolt on for under the price for the 5130, depends on where you shop you can find even cheaper delivered. My interest is in the Tomei- M7960 turbo as its more responsive and for street use. Any thoughts on these Tomei vs Precision 5130?? http://www.nengun.co...-nissan-sr20det
  15. radiator advice

    I use ASI rad with the fan upgrade from GKTech which lets you retain the stock shroud.. Works a treat and it hardly gets hot enough for the thermos to kick on.