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  1. was my mate one of my mates. He is fine 180 not so much. guy turned across into him. Insurance will cover it thankfully
  2. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Item: r32 gtr rims. Painted rattle can black. Due for a respray. Original paint still underneath (wasn't sanded back to paint apparently) can rub of the "quality" black paint and see the gun metal. Has tyres fitted with decent meat. 80% ish all round. Wanted: set of rims 17x8 17x8.5 or 17x9 +30 - +35 ish offset 5x114.3. After meshy with dish or r33 gtr or drift tech or show me what you got (no chromies) Location: Mitcham Contact via Email crskmd@gmail.com or 0416580223
  3. 31st of march private day

    does it matter if you have absolutely no track experience? Just do not want to ruin other peoples day by being in the way ... if not id be keen
  4. Terrible wide fibreglass guards Coilovers: KYB Hill Climb Suspension Arms cusco camber and toe arms (non hicas s13 rear end Wheel Alignment: Front: -2.5 Camber, +2 toe Rear: -0.5 Camber, 0 toe Wheels & Specs: R32 GTR wheels Front: 16 x 8 +5 (25mm spacer) Rear: 16 x 8 +15 (15mm spacer)
  5. RB20 ECU question.

    ok i have tracked down an ECU found that it is for an AUTO which apparenlty will work fine in a manual. the ecu code is "23710-04U12 MEC-R127" what does FR in "R32-GTSt RB20DET Auto FR" mean front engine rwd lol?
  6. RB20 ECU question.

    better than it running lean and hitting the cut as soon as i hit boost?
  7. I have an RB20DE+T. just realised it is running the NA (peachy/pink) injectors and i assume the NA ECU as well. i have gotten my hands on the standard turbo red injectors. Question is how can i tell 100% if i have the NA ecu still (assume i do due to it still running fine with the NA injectors) this is what is written on the ECU "23710-01U00 MEC-R104" from what i can find it is a R32-GTS RB20DE Manual MT ECU. what will happen if i run the turbo injectors on this ecu?
  8. got a wave/waved to a black R33 series 2 near henley this afternoon
  9. Price : $150 Condition : Used i have a full set of ROTA 5 spoke wheels. VOLK GT-C reps two have good aysemetric tyres. two with out tyres. pair have been sprayed black (can easily remove with some paint stripper) Wheels are anodised. wheel size is 17x8.5 +35 5x114.3 PCD 235/45/ZR17 tyres $450 ono full set of old school Genuine WORK 16" wheels with good tyres with good tread 2x goodyear eagle F1 semi slicks (street legal) 2x silverstones wheel size is 16x7 +35 5x114.3 PCD 225/55/ZR16 205/45/ZR16 $350 ono pair of R32 GTS-T wheels with near new tyres. wheel size is 16x6.5 +40 5x114.3 PCD 225/50/ZR16 tyres $150ono
  10. Just wondering if there are any people out there that are willing to let me come over and TEST FIT their wheels. im looking to buy some wheels but am unsure of current offset and want to see how certain size/offset wheels fit if they clear etc. looking to test 4x100 PCD wheels in: 15x7 +35 and +25 15x8 +35 and +25 16x7 +35 and +25 16x8 +35 and +25 or so. happy to pay/provide some form of payment to any one willing to help me out. Shoot me a PM if you can help or just reply in this thread
  11. i saw that coming through holden hill heading in that direction. look clean as
  12. The Shopping Trolly

    springs settled in now extra 5mm lower at the back. thinking of goingf ro a different look with the wheels. maybe 15" superlites? or some old school style meshies? also here is a picture of it with my Drift trike. haters gonna hate
  13. The Shopping Trolly

    with the seats down it fits with both wheels on! only problem is getting the mud off the bike before it goes in the boot so my thermo fan thought it would eb a good idea to melt yesterday..
  14. The Shopping Trolly

    yeah annoys me about the un even lowering. these are the only springs i could find for this car. without going coilovers
  15. The Shopping Trolly

    put the lowering springs/struts in today. went from 360mm-320mm (40mm drop) eyebrow height front and 370mm-340mm (30mm drop) rear. what i don't get is why did the front drop more than the back with apparently the same amount of lower springs? anyway here is a picture