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  1. 34 and stagea infront of me doing skids through corkscrew road.. They get let through and my car ends up getting defected! A few people have to ruin it for everyone.

    Thanks mate! No build thread but the lip is off a standard ca 180 bar. Think i saw this green s13 2day drive past on regency road looks clean as was in the silver 180 Thanks! Saw you too, 180 looked nice

    Thanks mate! No build thread but the lip is off a standard ca 180 bar.
  4. 1990 Nissan Skyline - $5,800

    Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 94500 Price : $5,800 Condition : Used Up for sale is my Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-4. It is manual, turbo and the closest thing to a GTR without the big price tag! The good; - Fresh Rego as of the 11/12/12 - Low 94,xxx kms - pod filter - full exhaust system - front mount intercooler - Brand new Bosch 040 fuel pump - adjustable caster arms - aftermarket clutch (Really grippy) - recently serviced (new plugs, oil, oil filter) - new battery - Alarm and immobiliser - drift steering wheel - full body kit - Genuine P1 buddy clubs (16x7.5 +32 all round) - Very clean interior but dash has bubbled The bad; - On the first start up when the car is cold, the car runs rough but once the car has warmed up, it runs perfectly fine. - Faded paint on roof, bonnet and body kit needs paint - Dash has bubbled My contact number is 0401 751 775 PRICE DROP TO $5800 ONO PLEASE NO TIME WASTERS. Thanks for looking
  5. Stoney's S13

    looks so much better with the wheels.. Just wondering though, where did you get those indicators from?
  6. COD: Black Ops 2

    EBgames is selling the hardened edition for $108 and the care package one for $229
  7. Epic car fail thread

    Wasn't sure where to post this, I kinda like it. Never seen anything like it! http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/smithfield/other-automotive/custom-hudson-trike-mr2/1004855547

    spotted a low yellow nsx with VS KF's in lockleys this morning, was sexy
  9. Filthy CA 180

    Thank god your replacing that front bar with a type x bar! Will look 100000x better
  10. Epic car fail thread

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-180sx-Type-X-1996-/180897347952?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item2a1e527970#ht_566wt_1360 Another ebay special!
  11. Powder coating wheels in SA

    That looks pretty nice, is there any good powder coaters closer to adelaide or up north?
  12. emails from assholes

    ahaha gold!
  13. Pink Ping Pong Balls

    WOW! such a waste of time! but nice
  14. my dream google Sketchup s-15

    Wow, thats actually really good! So simple. Nice work
  15. Where to fix buckled rim

    Woah! Thats alot worse than mine.. How much did they charge you?