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  1. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Maybe I'll extend the tray instead of shorten it. Then get some long ass ramps and throw it on the back.
  2. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Sierra is fun when 4wding, but it sucks balls for highway stuff. Some of the tracks and beaches are about an hour out of town, top speed of 98km/h is ghey. Ever tried passing a semi towing 4 huge trailers when you can only do 8km/h more than them. Not fun. Lol. Just scored a rn105r hilux for myself. Dual cab tray back, running 31"s and a small lift. Gonna do shackle extensions and 33" tyres with a nice and short tray ending at the end of the chassis, prob just a welded rear diff for now. Not bad for a free car
  3. Glad you got it back, do just car still cover it the claim if it had no alarm fitted? my Stagea need an Australian standards alarm and immobiliser with receipts before they would pay out any stolen vehicle claim, pretty sure my mates 32 was the same.
  4. 4x4 Pics and vids

    i've seen 2 cops in 6 weeks, they basically dont care. we just had one of them shake his head at us as we cruised down the highway, covered in mud(inside and out) with tyres hanging out the gaurds. and with the quad, there are tracks everywhere, as long as you only cross the highway and not ride down it, they dont seem to mind.
  5. 4x4 Pics and vids

    been working up in port hedland lately, me and a mate secured a little 4x4 to have some fun in zook with a 2" lift, 29" tyres, rear air locker and 50mm bolt in spacers all round add some spotties, a clean and some paint to the rims and its quite a capable little rig, some good tracks up here, pretty much go where ever you want and no one cares and a normal weekend at the servo, just roll in on the quad and fill up, lol
  6. Blast Pipes

    how do we know if he is a real OG or not? cause i'm old as f**k! lol Not all blast pipes have to be loud, fitted a set today that were quieter than the cannon that come off the s14, 3" cat back, no mid pipe, twin3.5" blast pipes with hotdogs tucked into the pipe tips. or the white chaser with twin 3.5" stainless tips, still pretty quiet. unlike the last pic, S14 with twin system the whole way, sooooo loud! s14 chaser track s14
  7. check SAUSA, they just put one up tonight
  8. Show me your stickers!

    one of the lads @ works cars My stash And the tool box
  9. costs in buying a car from sydney

    my car came from a dealer in sydney, if it's already regoed just drive it on that, or get it transported. pretty sure TOLL is only around $500-600 to adelaide If you can avoid regency, go to the Lonsdale inspection centre, much more relaxed. My stagea got passed first time with Privacy glass, Xenons and exhaust

    just fix the coilpacks ghetto style. 1. remove and replace all plugs, gapped down to .8 2. clean coilpacks with contact cleaner, then spray with a generous coat of silicone spray. 3.????? 4. profit

    pretty much, play golf, do a hillsy, carry large objects, not get defected every time it gets driven, you know, just the usual stuff!

    stageas lookin good, should bring her out on the stagea cruise this month, hit up the SAU stagea section and have a suss
  13. exhaust pics

    hot dogs are about 26-30cm long but they are only 2.5" so the help out a fair bit
  14. exhaust pics

    yep, thats why i changed mine. i was running straight through twin 3" long straight pipes on my stagea, it droned and echoed even worse becaus of the auto, so i made the hot doggety drift pipes instead. They are much better, and i get bigger flames now too, more heat at the end of the exhaust and all that!!