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    driving, drifting my commodore in the rain, riding bmx
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  1. r32 Daily Driver

    Doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it works mate
  2. r32 Daily Driver

    Been a long time since iv posted on here, the cars been through a few different changes and is currently being turned into a track only car.
  3. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    Not even sure dude. I suffer from a condition known well on this forum as boost withdrawl meaning I can't live without boost, I'll tell the cops this if they ever pull me over Im sure they'll let you off on such a serious condition haha i got an exemption to drive my 32, been pulled up once and the cop wasnt real impressed that he couldnt book me
  4. 1jz R32, running and loving life

    Goooo the black 32's!! haha looks sweet man, my dad and i both have one each
  5. r32 Daily Driver

    yeah im an apprentice aswell, 1st year, money does get tough at times haha what trade you doing?
  6. r32 Daily Driver

    they suit real nice man! and yeah they are good fun, still going to try mod the skyline more soon. what are your plans for yours?
  7. r32 Daily Driver

    looks neat as! What wheels are they? And probably just chuck a bigger set of tyres on when the old ones are buggered and mabey a 3 or 4 inch lift, its allready got everything appart from a snorkel
  8. r32 Daily Driver

    ended up spending all my savings on a new patrol! mods for the skyline will have to wait while now haha gave the truck a buff and it came up sweet ( i didnt put the truck lights on the roof or the mack dog on the bonnet) made up a stainless shift knob at work too for the 32!
  9. r32 Daily Driver

    nah man hes either lying to you or doesn't know what hes on about, you don't need a reason, just need to send away a specs sheet stating the weight and power.. good to hear you've got a 32 aswell! any photos?
  10. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    are yous allowed the power to weight ratio exemption as well? haha
  11. r32 Daily Driver

    nah, power to weight ratio exemption, its deadly, just have to drive round with the piece of paper
  12. r32 Daily Driver

    just a question, has anyone raced an rb20 32 against a ba xr6 turbo or smiliar xr6 turbo?? i raced one last night and it couldn't even beat me. we were pretty much the same! was shocked, if mine had of been runing proper i would have beat it by far easy
  13. r32 Daily Driver

    managed to get it in the back there some how, hope theyll never find it hahaha dash back on, took hours and hours to get it bolted in and back together half neat Everything back in, turbo timer wont work now, and it just doesnt seem to running real well when i get up it. need proper tune up! Got my exemption yesterday aswell, mad fun being the quickest P plater in my town
  14. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    just get a gtr if you can get one cheap enough, be amazing to drive! i don't think suspension set up and everything would be too much different to a gts haha yeah i got a few photos up on my build thread, heres a link mate http://www.hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=522272
  15. r32 Daily Driver

    Got a GReddy E manage ultimate for the 32 decided it try find a good place to hide it.. turned into quite a bit of a mess!