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  1. Good night last night, heaps came out and only had to speak hero about reving his car.
  2. Spotted a R35 GTR on the port river expressway
  3. Meet point has been changed to Unley Shopping Center, sorry for the inconvenience
  4. As it's going too be wet and raining on the weekend, the cruise won't be going into the hills as all. The cruise will go too big undercover car parks. Hopefully we have better weather for the next cruise.
  5. There is to lol, will fix that. I always done something wrong with the spelling. Was never my strongest subject lol
  6. It's very hard to do cruises when nothings on coz there's always something. Why not both? *mexican girl celebration* Keen to head down see how the scene is here! That would be nice, it's a good scene man, we have some nice hills roads as well. So long as it's not raining we will cruise along some.
  7. Hey all It's that time again for a cruise. Lets see if we can make this one bigger then last. Maps will be given out at meet point. Hooning and idiotic behavior will not be tolerated
  8. Spotted a white s14 with a black roof yesterday night. Makes me want a S14 even more
  9. I'm thinking the 24th on may for the next cruise. Think we needed a bigger car park then Burnside as it was packed
  10. Spotted a clear white JZX100 on the my to my sons practise
  11. I wasn't happy about ppl doing burnouts as they left, Next cruise I'll have someone up there with there phone and ANY! doing burnouts and kicking it sideways when they leave will be reported to the cops. Us who like to go out and cruise can while the people who do this a bring a bad name to the group will be fine or even have the cars impounded. Then people will know if they come out and do stupid stuff there going to get done. Just an idea but I'm over hero's getting the people doing the right stuff in trouble
  12. Was a great night, huge turn out and think we almost filled the car park
  13. Zac Christie memorial cruise

    Bummer man, should be doing another soon. Thinking a meet a great as well.
  14. Zac Christie memorial cruise

    Don't forget guys. The cruise is this weekend at TTP, meet time is 7pm and leave at 8pm.