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  1. The Kool Kids Klub

    Surprise Video - SFW. I know you guys will like it. Try Company of Heroes for LANs or any Unreal Tournament, it's much fun, I promise. Also quick note to Fire-Child: the '3-4 hour battery life' is when the laptop's on standby, with actual use it'll be more 1-2 hours - especially pushing the hardware that your laptop has. What brand is it?
  2. s13 silvia Rally Car

    This is quality. Will definately pass on to other people. How's it like skillwise compared to drifting? I'm assuming you're shitting it alot more when there's trees left and right of the track as you're going round
  3. Evening NS

    Long time reader but I thought I'd finally make an account so I can interact with the community and learn more about cars. So I've inherited a Daihatsu Charade (G11 with GTTI parts) which is such an awesome car despite what most people think (there's videos on youtube of the GTTI smoking your generic 'cool car') Unfortunately the poor thing needs an engine rebuild and being a skint uni student and all these things don't just 'happen', one of those 'projects' as you might say. Anyway, hopefully looking forward to meeting some of you and learning more about cars. Cheers, Mark P.S. I'm well versed with computers and what not, so if you need any help just give us a shout and I'll see what I can do.