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  1. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    http://runningellie.tumblr.com/post/60315425634/dont-be-a-f**king-idiot-this-saturday Not much you can do about the result. Unfortunately not many vote under the line so it ends up being a giant business hand shake as to who preferences who and whoever has the most money wins. It might be a "democracy" but an awfully, dreadfully, woefully flawed one.
  2. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    From the ABC news website comments..
  3. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    As I was getting my paper, the guy infront was asked "do you know how to vote" "nah, I'll just make it up as I go along" and after voting these old people were talking at the exit, "Oh, it's much too hard to remember who's who and what's what below the line so I just voted above" Like god damnit, why even have a vote if you're too ignorant or senile to use it. @ Wannabe, Rise Up is 10000x worse than anyone else, mob of nutters that were os nutterish they got booted out of family first....
  4. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    yeah. 73 was a bit nuts, had to slide the paper back and forth to do shit. I think left to right should be in order of fundamental batshitism rather than alphabetical order.... would've saved me time.
  5. Best place to buy welding gas from

    I did say Supagas you nugget.
  6. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

  7. Car crushing to resume in SA

    Quite funny, this is all just a pisstake. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. YES WE DO. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS (AGAIN.)
  8. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    I just read something on the internet that made sense and wasn't retarded............................................................. Is it the Armageddon tomorrow or something?
  9. http://www.daiforum.net/index.php?/topic/1432-australian-motoring-enthusiast-party/&do=findComment&comment=15594 On Daiforum.... for all 5 daihatsu owners australia wide to read then complain it's too expensive, lol.
  10. Bump cause I just got membership like 5 months late.
  11. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    You're all spastics voting based on a face rather than the party and policies. "real men vote below the line".
  12. what are you playing?

    Payday 2 = Grindday 2, I got the beta, zzzz.
  13. How to deal with moody girlfriends?

    nuggets* is acceptable.
  14. things that annoy you

    Nearly being hit twice on montague road cause *milkshakes* don't understand give way to right....
  15. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    Can't catch aids twice....
  16. PIC OF THE DAY! Discussion ENCOURAGED!

  17. Targa Adelaide Night Stage

    sarcasim sarcasim sarcasim I sure did. When I can afford to.... (dohohoho)
  18. Targa Adelaide Night Stage

    so, $17.50 or something.... Then no one will go to it and Adelaide will be dead yet again. Good work marketing team.
  19. Targa Adelaide Night Stage

    Probably so they don't get 99999999 people swamping the gates and pushing in? Also $15 what is this extra $5 nonsense....
  20. Solar Systems

    The boxes were covered in Chinese characters and "Made in China" somewhere, no German even came into it.
  21. Solar Systems

    My parents were promised quality german solar panels but got cheap shit from Shenzhen of course... so if there's any promises get it in paper not over the phone.