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  1. Solar Systems

    Parents spent 17k on their 7.5kw system. We're pretty frugal with power (well, with lights at least we are....), 1 Kitchen Fridge/freezer, 1 Fridge sized freezer and another fridge for drinks. 1 computer on 24/7, 1 smallish LCD tv on 24/7. some other computers/laptops/phone charging on intermittently, kettle boiling 24/7. House faces south, solar panels on north and west side although there's a big f**k off "heritage" gumtree blocking 1/3 of them (an estimate probably a bit less). And our power bill is on average about $0 with some credits occasionally (it was $700 quarterly). Hope that helps or gives some indication if they're useful or not?
  2. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    No wifey, kid and homeless people dan?
  3. things that annoy you

    Being diagnosed with Osteosclerosis
  4. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    f**k oath, you think he's funny.
  5. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

  6. things that annoy you

    Or worse they'll watch it and take it at face value. Despite the super obvious satire. i.e. they think it's funny not sad.
  7. Jackass: Bad Grandpa

    Maybe if you have the IQ of a dunce it might be funny? /Gets back in his cave.
  8. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    HAHAHAHAHAH funniest picture i've seen in a long time spence. +1 internet.
  9. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    f**k Total Tools, Future Tools on Cormack Road is the way to go, see Dave.
  10. what are you playing?

    Any game played with headphones should see a noticeable difference in immersion. i.e. sleeping dogs, I was listening to music with my favourite AKG K242HDs and didn't switch over to my Logitech X530s (didn't realise) went to play sleeping dogs and it was a completely different game, footsteps, conversations, weather, etc.
  11. things that annoy you

    I remember just before I got my P's, everyone lost their shit that petrol broke $1.00/litre. Must have been horrifying to see $ go up quicker than L for the first time. Guess where I was working when that happened? In a f**king BP..... So much hate..... Funnily enough, the taxes that the gvt collects on petrol is typically measured in percentages, so they're collecting a significant amount more every time it goes up. Petrol was still like 70-80c/Litre wholesale last time I saw actual figures.... What's the alternative? How practical are they? And when will they Arrive? Electric Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ethanol ... I've heard that BP engineers were working on alternative energy 20-30 years ago so they could claim all the patents for when peak oil does indeed happen and make the fat cash. Speculation of course....
  12. No Speed Camera Party for SA

    Haha, ex stargroup officer, means he likes the hooning
  13. things that annoy you

    Remember when I was a kid and people complained about that too cause they were like "OH WHEN WE WERE TEENAGERS IT WAS 50c/LITRE". Funny shit. I have having really bad colds.
  14. what are you playing?

    League of Casuals is aptly so.... Only thing I like about it is they're willing to change here and there. Been playing Sleeping Dogs, f**king killer game, has the usual problem with open worlds games where you have to get to the next mission which can get pretty boring. How's this for a video game thingy.
  15. s13 clutch not disengaging

    Pressure plate not tight enough, I made this mistake once....
  16. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    one of those videos where you'd expect to cringe.... but no, it's good.
  17. springvale rd police chase

    That ambulance has shit stance.
  18. things that annoy you

    When that tiny, tiny, tiny carby piece falls on the floor and ends up somewhere between your foot, Narnia and the Bermuda Triangle. FML
  19. Exhaust Technology

    Mark @ ET is killer. Try AAA exhausts as well. You might want to ask about a Cat Remove pipe for "race track only"....you know, for when you race at the race track.
  20. Steam 2013 Sale

    *has never had a problem with steam even since when he had dial-up.
  21. Steam 2013 Sale

    Just got the F: NV ultimate for $5, worth it considering I pirated it on release and enjoyed it quite a bit.
  22. Steam 2013 Sale

    I bought Kinetic Void, seems like FTL but a full 3D game. Nothing else interested me today, new flash sales will be up soon if not already. Edit: Yeck, so many Kickstarted games floating around with like 1/5th completion... lucky it was only like $4. Edit 2: LOOOOL, "You Need a Budget 4" -> I think Valve is trying to say something.
  23. Steam 2013 Sale

    Can't resist the steam sale. They've FINALLY put new/fresh games onto the rotation.... Although some of the prices are dubious.. why is LA NOIRE now $12.50 when it was $2.50 ?
  24. things that annoy you

    Farting while pissing is the most eurphoic thing you could ever do. Especially when it's a gutteral fart and it's a piss blast. On the name thing, People always call me mike when I say Mark. rageface.