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  1. From memory, it's something in the range of a 5kw gain at best. Main reasons for running a decat pipe imo are bleeding-edge gas-flow (great for track cars or streeters making big HP), reliability (no cells to break), cost (decat is free and test pipes are dirt cheap) and testing dyno results (a lot of tuners point fingers at the cat any time there's a problem).


    To be perfectly honest, I run a quality metal cat not because of fines, but because they make a legitimate contribution to decreasing pollution. My view is that it's irresponsible to run a decat on a street car as anything more than a temporary measure, same way as it's irresponsible to dump your garbage in the bush; the world won't explode if you do, but it's a dick move.


    EXCEPT it's made of (super) rare earth metals............... :( Otherwise I agree.

  2. So.





    Watching Child Porn is a $1000 fine, no criminal convictions...


    Deliver pizza to some family members who are also bikies.




    Instant jail, solitary confinement, 4 months until a trial. May as well be a terrorist.


    NB: Not that I agree with bikies, their lifestyle or their culture. I just would like to input two completely different scenarios and two very different outcomes - which shows how skewed the legal system is.

  3. How about, at night, speed cameras are a massive bright white light that distracts the driver - more so than say... someone flashing hi beams. (wtf was that light, was it for me, was it for the truck next to me who was definitely speeding, partner giving you grief, etc).


    Or let's go one further with everyone running +100 Narva/Osram beams (Or HIDs) anyway - so that they're pretty much as bright as hi beams but are on all the time.



  4. I got pulled over and had some "kind" words said at me for flashing me lights for a speed camera on Tapleys Hill Rd.


    I didn't get a ticket because i flashed the wrong side of the road which the camera wasn't operating for -> IMPLYING I wasn't effecting their money scrounging expedition, priceless.