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  1. What does SA have to offer?

    Crushing bitterness and despair..... oh you were talking about the car scene.....
  2. documentary junkie?

    I know I posted this in youtube thread but it's worthy of this one.
  3. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    No conspiracy here boss.
  4. Gain of running a decat pipe?

    EXCEPT it's made of (super) rare earth metals............... Otherwise I agree.
  5. things that annoy you

    People who don't enjoy farts. They're funny. / Mad topic change attempt.
  6. So all of that skilled labour required will see you at ~$800+ vs. http://shopping.kinugawaturbo.com/ YW.
  7. Shit talkers' thread

    Rest in peace
  8. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    I like feminists, they get their boobs out.... isn't this defeating the point of their crusade?
  9. The Heavy Music Thread


    Allegedly 7 car pile up. We got lost at woodside and ended up at Norton Summit (by we, at least 50 cars did) Of course hektiks doing skids along the way back and at marion carpark. I'd also like to put this out there.... PICK UP YOUR RUBBISH YOU ABSOLUTE MOB OF f**king RETARDS.
  11. Prog and rock people - Looking for feedback

    Do music for yourself and if other people like it then good. Being a proggy rock/jazz thing is a bit niche regardless as it's too complicated for standard rock people but it's not heavy enough to satisfy metal dudes. As for what it is, it's pretty good.
  12. but if everyone tips and everyone is outstanding (just run with it as thought experiment) where have we got to?
  13. I believe retail hospitality award is 2.5 2 hours. edit. Yeah both Restaurants/Cafes AND Accommodation, Liqueur & Gambling minimum shift is 2 hours. http://www.fairwork.gov.au/industries/pages/default.aspx
  14. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Your challenge: Find a video that will make me laugh as much as the following video did in the same amount of time or less. Bonus points if it isn't 5 Second Films (5SF).
  15. Detroit

    Adelaide will be the New Detroit
  16. Palmer wants to repeal all Newman laws

    So. http://www.brisbanet...1115-2xl8w.html http://www.abc.net.a...stralia/5093498 Watching Child Porn is a $1000 fine, no criminal convictions... Deliver pizza to some family members who are also bikies. http://www.theaustra...-1226796866373# Instant jail, solitary confinement, 4 months until a trial. May as well be a terrorist. NB: Not that I agree with bikies, their lifestyle or their culture. I just would like to input two completely different scenarios and two very different outcomes - which shows how skewed the legal system is.
  17. Palmer wants to repeal all Newman laws

    We have addressed the problem ladies and gentlemen. Perhaps a social and education problem too, aw hell, political and cultural as well. Civilisation is a failure.
  18. Palmer wants to repeal all Newman laws

  19. what websites do you buy computer parts?

    Pretty easy. http://www.pccasegear.com
  20. Operation safe hills

    Why not just not have cars, no oil scrounging, no obesity, everyone has to walk or ride to work.
  21. Operation safe hills

    How about, at night, speed cameras are a massive bright white light that distracts the driver - more so than say... someone flashing hi beams. (wtf was that light, was it for me, was it for the truck next to me who was definitely speeding, partner giving you grief, etc). Or let's go one further with everyone running +100 Narva/Osram beams (Or HIDs) anyway - so that they're pretty much as bright as hi beams but are on all the time. 2c.
  22. Operation safe hills

    I got pulled over and had some "kind" words said at me for flashing me lights for a speed camera on Tapleys Hill Rd. I didn't get a ticket because i flashed the wrong side of the road which the camera wasn't operating for -> IMPLYING I wasn't effecting their money scrounging expedition, priceless.
  23. MMA chat

    I'm sorry, this guy won MMA a long time ago.
  24. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres