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  1. Enjoy classic motoring with minimal issues. No expense spared in making this car ridiculously fun while placing an enormous emphasis on its relibility. ENHANCEMENTS -Upgraded B6 Long nose engine (less than 20,000kms on engine, 200'000 on chassis) -Advanced timing to 14 degrees -Magnaflow Exhaust System (can supply stock exhaust at no extra cost) -Custom Cold Air Intake -Revalved Bilstein Shocks -Tein Springs (legal height) -Custom Single Hoop Rollbar -Heavy Duty Clutch (Less than 5000km’s) -Flywheel (Less than 5000km’s) -Viscous Differential -Khumo KU31 Tyres (2,000kms) -Hardtop -Brand New Radiator -Custom Two Tone Interior -Lightweight Sprint Harp CP Wheels -Momo Woodgrain Steering Wheel -Skunk2 Gear Knob -Garage Vary Front Lip -Custom Vent Rings The car also has a new Timing Belt, Water-Pump, Temp Sensors, Thermostat, Coolant Hoses, Fan Switch and Pulleys The paint is showing signs of wear as is to be expected from a 20 year old body. There are a few minor scratches on the dash and a small crack on the cluster surround. The lip also has a minor crack Will come with RWC. Registration expires May 2015. $7900 - Will consider swaps for Silvia's, manual and turbo, or various track cars.
  2. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 163320 Price : $100 Condition : Used sold
  3. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $100 Condition : Used sold

    White s13 with meshies outside beaurapairs burwood. Red P's 1.30pm ish. Looked tuff. Also saw a black s13 heading down Elgar rd near box hill central, also red p's 3pm. Good to see more p platers in imports! Edit: Also, if either are on here I was in the red 180 going in the opposite direction.
  5. $600 from parents, about to be $1600 next week after rwc & rego. Ohh including insurance it should be around $2000. Looking at some of the previous replies I must admit I'm a little ashamed I'm in so much debt at 19. I live at home, don't have any bills apart from gym and phone yet still struggle to find money to pay for my toys upkeep, let alone modifications.
  6. RWC in Melbourne

    The time has come to get the 180 roadworthy and re rego'd, however I'm having some trouble deciding where I should take her. Having been f''''d over in the past with mechanics and other cars, I'm abit cautious. I guess like most, money is an issue with these cars. Does anyone knew of some good, reliable, trustworthy mechanics they could share? I'm not looking for a dodgy and I am aware of how a RWC works, so please try and refrain from flaming lol. Thanks, Doug edit: Preferably in Eastern / South Eastern suburbs?
  7. my first car

    Being a young driver myself and owning my first car for 2 years before I bought the 180, I cannot stress enough the importance of owning a crapper you don't care about. The amount of driving experience you gain on the first year or even months if driving regulary is monumentous. Yes when on L's you are gaining experience, but I don't know one person who drives like their mum is still in the car when they are solo. Having a car, (I recommend underpowered) where you can hone your skills and thrash when it takes ages to reach the speed limit is actually a blast. I owned a daihastu applause 1.6 running stock apart from straight through exhaust and a metal intake adaptor and pod filter. Actually was the funnest thing. It sounded mental but went no where. Twistys even in the FWD was brilliant with the foot constantly planted with the sound blaring in your ears while barely touching the speed limit is sincerely awesome. Whoa I must be bored. Anyway my 2cents. Goodluck man
  8. Dougy's 180SX

    Yeah cash seems to be one of the most common problems when owning these cars, but it's worth it in my opinion. The sad thing is I thought my area was relatively good in that respect. There are literally hardly any imports and mostly mums in big bmw's and mercs. Although having one is looked down upon (from the looks from neighbours). I guess haters gonna hate.
  9. Dougy's 180SX

    Update Had a great day yesterday until I saw my car... Being cup day, everyone was in high spirits, having a great time. I had mates over and we all placed bets, drank and had a ball. All was great until I went outside and saw the 180. Parked in my driveway, someone or a group of people thought it would be funny to vandalise it. As it is hard rubbish this week in my area there are objects lying all over the nature strip. A small mattress garnished with dirt and sh*t was splayed over the bonnet, a saucepan was wedged under the windscreen wiper leaving the windscreen with a big half circle scratch and a wiper stalk bent, on the drivers side. The hood is dented as well from a vacuum cleaner being thrown on top and scratched from its roll down the hood. Worst part about it is that it was completely unprovoked, uneccarsary and is going to cost me time and money, both of which I am lacking atm. The car's sitting in the driveway collecting dust while I try and work to pay off parents for a loan for the car and I haven't been driving it as rwc and rego is in need, which it has run out of. Have an idea of who it may be, as we saw people walking past my house from my school which we finished 2 years ago and they were laughing and pointing at the car. But it's hard to retaliate unless I know and my mates know for certain. The last thing I want to do is get an innocent person. Anyway, that's life I guess. It sucks but what can I do now? May as well let it slide until I know the culprits for certain.
  10. Drifter's Playlist

    I like the more chill stuff 'Easy Muffin - Amon Tobin' http://youtu.be/mDmbKzaCkGY But also am partial to more intense stuff like 'Trinity' by Ummet Ozcan.
  11. Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome mate! It sucks to hear about the strict laws in Switzerland. It's getting harder and harder to modify cars for the street these days. S14's looking clean, look forward to seeing more.
  12. Dougy's 180SX

    Yeah it's always fun to wink, especially when giving cheeky winks while driving. Nearly paid my parents back, and once that's out of my hair, I plan on going inbay intercooler kit (eliminating the hole through batterytray defect), exhaust system from turbo back, probs 3 inch, nistune, new coilovers etc etc the list goes on. Some of the mods im thinking of doing are relatively unrealistic as far as money goes, but definitely are something to work towards.
  13. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Loving this S14 dude! Really inspiring thread. Looking forward to watching more progress man!
  14. Dougy's 180SX

    Ok, Small update Engine overheated and seized 2 months ago. Radiator was blocked and the coolant lines were rooted. The turbo also blew and the car was running on 3 cylinders as the coilpacks had shat themselves... YAY... Soooo.... Alot of money later (parents money), and the dejected feeling that if the car keeps giving me these issues i'll be paying them off for the rest of my life, a new alloy rad went in, repaired coilpacks and an S15 T28 turbo. Now the car runs great. For 2 months I haven't had an issue apart from the fact that my coilovers are getting worse and worse. But mechanically it has been superb. Boost comes on a little later and abit more forceful and is no longer spiking with a working actuator. So it sits at stock 7psi instead of spiking at 14 and holding at 10. Boost T is going in the day I get a RWC lol. In the past 2 months some other minor work has been done, just little niggly things that needed fixing. Did some backyard servicing And took some sexy snaps