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  1. NSW 2 DAY DRIFT MATSURI---Nov 26 & 27

    Having to pull out for a new job so Can I sell my spot? 1 driver + open garage..
  2. NSW 2 DAY DRIFT MATSURI---Nov 26 & 27

    TRUTH His videos are damn good +1
  3. NSW Defect Thread

    Not quite a defect but... Car: 95' 180SX Location of Defect: National Park, Audley turn off List of Defects: Pod, Too low, No tread on rear, Pillar gauges. Argued that I have a BOV when I don't. Reason for being stopped: 100km in 80km zone Type of defect: None.... Told be to bring it up to the station when I'd fixed everything. Yeah nahhh. No fines to date, nearly 3 months ago. Was a HP so not sure why I didn't cop it on the spot even for speeding at least.
  4. NS.Com NSW Hook-Ups

    I'm a plumber in the Syd / Sutherland shire area. Bathroom/Kitchen renos Gas Water Drainage Anythinggggggg Rhys 0449221675
  5. NS.Com NSW Hook-Ups

    Tempering valve is most likely gone. Probably had it fixed by now though.
  6. NSW 2 DAY DRIFT MATSURI---Nov 26 & 27

    Will the sprinter need more then one set?
  7. NSW 2 DAY DRIFT MATSURI---Nov 26 & 27

  8. NSW 2 DAY DRIFT MATSURI---Nov 26 & 27

    Showers? My gf wants to know, in down for roughing it
  9. **Lounge Area**

    Anyone heading to the 2 day matsuri at wakefeild?
  10. Sr20 missing at high revs

    Forgot to update on this but my Bosch pump was shot...tested it with a mates then replaced it and no problems since
  11. **Spotted Thread**

    Big.180 at sans souci this morning......spewing man
  12. What time does scruitineering end? Fking traffic
  13. **Spotted Thread**

    I always break my neck trying to get a good look at your car whenever I pass you but yeah those wheels are wicked man
  14. **Spotted Thread**

    Nah that was me haha couldn't miss you with those front wheels
  15. **Spotted Thread**

    White s14 with a toy hanging off the back in the national park Saturday night. Drove past while I was getting my ass handed to me by hwy patrol