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  1. Adelaide hill cameras

    is that you brian? I know who you are...
  2. Price : $1,500 Condition : Used Genuine VOLK CE28 Made in Japan - 5x114.3 RAYS Engineering Forged - Monoblock Bronze Slight gutter rash - not so noticable (REALLY) JUST CAME OFF AN S15 SELLING ALL 4: Front 16x8 Offset not sure, just clears my s15 brake calipers With 235/55/16 Toyo proxes CF1 Tyres (80-90% Thread) Rear 16x8 Offset not sure With 235/55/16 Toyo proxes CF1 Tyres (Under 30% Thread) Pick Up Only LOOKING FOR SWAPS OR CASH EITHER WAY!!! WHATS YOUR OFFER?? Im after 17" - 18" 9 - 10 wide rims show me what you got looking for rep te37 or deepdish & whateva!! oh - four - 33463507
  3. Thumbs up to the S15 driver last night heading north with the Japan plate " S15 " niceeee mayte
  4. Adelaide hill cameras

    mmmm i was doin 100 - 110 down the hill I notice others doing the same speed as me in the tunnels... Gotta hope i don't get an early xmas present!!
  5. Just before the tunnels on the way to Adelaidee, does anybody know if those are speed cameras or safety??
  6. Yeh paid it off, court cost to much! Ok so you were disqualified from driving and now you're getting or do have your license back and want to know if extractors are defectable? Short answer yes. Likely they won't pick up on it if it isn't loud. Any mods though will likely get you fined again so up to you whether you want to risk it for the 5kws extra on n/a motor Personally I wouldn't risk it until I got a turbo. Getting license back in 2-3 months. Just wanna get my car ready n legal while I wait. Now everything is understood, I wanna know if a legal exhaust still falls under high powered
  7. I didn't interpret it wrong, I got an on the spot fine saying "high powered vehicle" $375 fine with a disqualification letter sent home saying my offenses.. Even if I had a pod filter installed at the time should It still be fallen under the high powered category or a defect? What's your opinions?
  8. The police I spoke to said I need to coz they said my car isn't P legal.. I'm lost with the whole situation...
  9. I Neva was defected I lost my license due to driving an high powered vehicle.. An autech.. :/ there nothing on my notice and my muffler is under 90dbs. Does that mean the cops was just a d**k. I was just in the wrong area at the wrong time when there was a report with an import with firearms driving around.. I'll go through regency and get a list
  10. Isn't easy with the d***head cops down arndale - port Adelaide -.- I've replaced my pod with the stocks what should I do with my autech fujitsubo exhaust.. I got told it's p plate legal, isn't to loud. The new law online says no exhaust mod :/ confused!
  11. I'm close to getting my p's back once again. I got done for stock autech extractors being chrome thats the main reasons. Will I pass my inspection with the extractor?? But it wouldn't run the same with an sr20de stock extractor :/?
  12. STOLEN WRX 98'

    The rexi has been found apparently the theif was still driving the car around while he was pulled over the first time. The officer the who pulled him over the second time was the same officer as the first and he is now locked up or in a cell ATM, but we know he's behind bars!! Can't trust anyone these days.. Fkn back stabbers!! Thanks.
  13. must be driving as slow as granny fkkk thats heaps good tho my s15 gets about 400-500 city but 700-800 highway
  14. STOLEN WRX 98'

    True true.. Soz IHAVEA180, it is worded like the thief is trying to sell it.. my bad He is trying to sell it, he Owner honestly didn't know of the ad till later... coz why would the owner look on gumtree while his car was parked in his drive way not stolen or nufin... I've got details of him but personal details cant be posted here ayyeee ??? not even pics ???
  15. STOLEN WRX 98'

    My mate who was friends with that thief took him home as a bro since he had no place to stay or no money.. He felt sorry for the dude... they were friends at the stage!! Everything that thief owned is at my mates house leaving behind just his junk, taking his personal belongings with him... The reason why the add was posted up on the 14th is a mystery... The owner didn't know about this ad..!!! He didn't know his mate was gonna steal his car and sell it... who would if u trusted them to stay at your house for free not even paying rent or food.