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  1. one other thing is there a spray compound you can apply to your windshield to stop morning frost covering your glass
  2. where do u buy a soft waterproof car cover that quickly can be draped over a 4door falcon sized car, and quickly taken off that will hold onto the car in a storm?
  3. im gonna try and stay away from custom fit covers because i hate bothering with them, thhe touchless one should be easy, just drive in and reverse out.. Now it's a matter of simply finding a supplier within australia
  4. rwc tester outdated?

    its amusing your rwc doesnt have a tint detector, you just put it over the tint and it tells you the percentage, 35% is the minimum legal in victoria
  5. Freight?

    aus post are pieces of shit, no offense to aus post workers, but shit goes missing all the time with those faggots
  6. Who bought SXCESS

    why would he get rid of leather trim
  7. Freight?

    anyone know the freight on cars? i remember someone mentioning paying under 1000 earlier this year, picking theirs up in melb
  8. whats magic about linking to a website that doesnt show the price?
  9. how much is the stuff on the breakky menu like the new big muffin thing or the wrap thing
  10. Air con regassing

    that sucks man, i dealt with them back in 09', maybe times have changed?
  11. Air con regassing

    x100 these guys
  12. Speeding ticket

    f**king bullshit that a person who is suppose to uphold the "law" has a f**king "QUOTA"
  13. Vinyl wrap car

    so can you wrap a car that needs a paintjob instead of doing it a paint job? what if there is a small couple hail damage bumps on the roof?
  14. in victoria i havent started ringing up for automotive upholsterers yet, because im curious as to whether anyone recommends it from personal experience online. My main reason for getting it is comfort, the car will be owned for another 5+ years. That said, what sort of prices am i looking at for a sedan, front 2 seats/backseats. The interior is already a dark grey, so im figuring door trim and dash can stay the same. Is it a matter of making a deposit or paying upfront then waiting for them to build it all, then you park your car in there for a day and they install it all?
  15. any better sites then prestigeimports?