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  1. Listing Of Workshops In Sydney

    Does anyone know who could wire in an ac unit for me in my 180 , my ac unit got stolen and they took the plugs and just cut the wires -__- I've purchased another ac unit with the harness . thanks
  2. Hey mate, id like to grab one of these in silver if possible!
  3. Increasing power

    2871r 550cc injectors bosch 044 fuel pump Exaust FMIC Cams tune and you will easily get 220
  4. NSW Spotted Thread

    Thanks man
  5. Awesome shots dude Was an awesome day thanks for letting me know .
  6. NSW Spotted Thread

    yeah that was me man seen you round a fair bit too.
  7. NSW Spotted Thread

    yeah man, i think i seen you round too
  8. drift practice tonight 10/5

    So people weren't even leaving the track and hitting the tyres, thats shit Garry.
  9. drift practice tonight 10/5

    Is Marc Guyatt back? Sorry about spelling. Looks like some good drivers were out, Simon, Hayden, Jake, Monkhouse, Leg, Christian, Cliff, Marc. Would of been a good show. Whats with the tyres anyway? Did Brenton make it out in the 81?....I love that f*cking car. That is who owns it now right? Garry.
  10. Turbro issues

    In my experience, when most turbos go, your car becomes very smokey. Garry.

    What a great day!!! Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen well done. Garry.

    I'm all set for tomorrow. Rain/hail I'm not fussed. I'm trailering mine there as I can't be f**ked with permits. Should be good. See ya then. Garry.
  13. New sticker club?

    I agree with with you point Kat as well. I drive 40km to work and take the express way every day. Been doing it almost 10yrs Every single day, even if I leave work at 2pm instead of 4 there is always someone doing 85-90 in right lane holding everyone up. Drive in other states and this hasn't happened as much. It's funny you should mention the stickers cos I reckon I saw a 180 in Seaford with P plates about 6 months ago with a MASSIVE sticker on the rear window with something like " KEEP LEFT unless over taking It took up the whole window. I laughed cos it's true. Garry.
  14. Mallala SA POL WARNING

    We have talked about this a lot. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...hl=trade+plates Garry.