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  1. S13 Coupe - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used For sale S13 coupe parts (Sr20de) Rear seat + belts Rear parcel tray trim Floor carpet Both door skins Centre console All plastic trim panels Boot carpet Space saver spare wheel Pacemaker extractors 2 1/2" custom mild steel exhaust (2 mufflers) with stainless high flow cat, needs new tip Lightened flywheel done about 1000k's (can't remember exact weight) Exedy HD clutch done about 1000k's Standard non turbo intake manifold Whole engine (was running, but had bad knock in bottom end) building a track car with the shell and all driveline parts from gearbox back If you need anything else just ask and I'll let you know if I have it Currently located in the Whitsunday region, QLD, Australia Make offers on anything you need contact me on 0447758622
  2. Make : NISSAN 300ZX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 315000 Price : $2,000 Condition : Used 3 litre V6 stock non turbo engine 5 speed manual, unsure if factory has after market rims, can refit stock alloys though currently not registered from what i can see it has a tappet cover oil leak, and needs a new top radiator hose to pass a roadworthy new centre muffler short throw shifter installed new black carpet 3 more cars for parts and/or rebuild (1 is half way through restoration at present and has had all rust cut out, just haven't got time for it anymore) can supply more pictures text or ring me on 0447758622 Russell Price Drop from $3500
  3. Z31 300zx Various Parts - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used I have a couple of Auto N/A Z31 300ZX's that I am wrecking, most parts available, internal and external, if you need anything just pm me or text me on 0447758622 and I'll let you know if i have it, can arrange postage
  4. s14 short shifter

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/89-99-NISSAN-S13-S14-SILVIA-NISMO-CHROME-SHORT-SHIFTER-/200562990668?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2eb27c5e4c&_uhb=1#ht_2828wt_1397 theres the link if you're interested
  5. s14 short shifter

    i bit the bullet and bought one off ebay for $50 something and its actually not bad quality, took about 5 mins to work out how to install it because i cant read japanese but it works well
  6. SR20 Head parts?

    although from memory i think they are different
  7. SR20 Head parts?

    anyone know if the ca ones are the same? because i have a full set for a ca
  8. Newbie here, help needed.

    I've had an S13 for just about a year now honestly believing it was a J, having read this I'm confused as hell because i have power windows, is there any other features that could let me know for sure?
  9. power window not working on L/H + R/H side

    i had the same issue with my rhs window about a year ago now, whenever it didnt wanna work id hammer fist the trim around where the motor was, turned out it was the relay looking thing that the switch plugged into that was starting to go though, replaced that and havent had an issue since, its an s13 by the way
  10. 1UZ-FE into '93 S13

    how much are they trying to get for it? is it listed on here?
  11. 1UZ-FE into '93 S13

    has it had the same conversion done?
  12. has anybody tried this conversion before? i have an s13 and something in the bottom end of the sr20de has let go i also have a soarer here with a running 1uz and buggered gearbox, just trying to get some ideas before i start pulling things apart
  13. I recently bought a soarer, the touch screen doesnt turn on or anything.. Whats the best option?
  14. Soarer 1UZ auto trans problems, ideas?

    Once it warms up* Zany phone
  15. Looking at buying a 92 v8 soarer, its got issues with the gearbox, when its cold it works fine selects gears etc, but once it was up you have to rev the shit out of it to get it to move, and no reverse at all, could it be something simple or would it be cheaper and less effort to just purchase a gearbox ive found for about $500,