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  1. The wheel and tyre industry any good?

    Some the information here are very informative fellas. I'm sorry if I can't add anything more to the discussion as I don't know much about this stuff so I'm just reading what ever you guys are telling me and learn from there.
  2. The wheel and tyre industry any good?

    What a shame, I guess it's a tough industry to be in when people are real tight these days about spending any money on their car/transportation. I hope they they aren't bankrupt. I'm immediately reminded of TireRack and St George tyre on eBay. My local Tyre Power fits BYO tires for $25 per rim because of the sale that they miss out on. This should be a pretty good indicator of the small profit margin you'd get from running one of these places. Your relative might be better off looking into an established tire ship franchise possibly. That's not much at all is it. I would imagine if someone was to franchise lets say Bridgestone or any other big names then the outlay would be something like 250-300k, then it would take quite a while to make back the margin assuming the business is viable. Anyway good stuff fellas, at least I can now go and tell him to open a brothel instead LOL.
  3. The wheel and tyre industry any good?

    My thought also, but the guy has money lol.
  4. Hey. I'm just trying to plan ahead for my next setup so any info would be wlecome. My car atm consist of the mods below. Tomei poncams etc. 2871r Stock bottom end. Making 250 rwkw on e85 I want to achieve the 300kw mark, so for the next setup some people suggest to go for TOP MOUNT setup. Can I ask is there any Pros and Cons to running a top mount vs bottom mount for a street car?
  5. Top mount vs low mount.

    Thanks PH11Ps. I don't think I would high mount the 2871r (my current setup which is low mount). The current setup Is already using e85 with the 2871 which was stated at the top that got me 250kw on 18psi. I'm just planning ahead for my next setup which requires something bigger, so for that I was thinking of using the BorgWarner Efr 7163 which was suggested by Brad. I also havee read the gtx3067 thread and have also put that turbo on my short list as well. Bug at this stage it looks like the new setup will be low mounted.
  6. Top mount vs low mount.

    Yeah, p98 is pretty limited in that it's doesn't give the engine or the tuner enough margin for error. The gtx3067 looks good also, the only thing is that it's about the same price as the BW and that it has less features. It is also on the my lost though lol.
  7. Top mount vs low mount.

    I don't think going high mount just for ease of maintenance is a big enough argument though, if I can keep things the way they are then it would be good, but with a few options like the EFR range which I had my eyes on for a long time now seems like they would do better being high mounted. But after seeing "Bradsm87" low mount setup I would be more inclined to steer towards that route. Thanks mate. I'm just not quite sure about this setup, being that I'm a bit nervous about it being too leggy for my taste. I mean I thought the gt2871 was a good choice for me when I bought it until after I drove it that I realised it was a mistake buying that POS turbo. Now I want to achieve that 300 mark with the minimal lag possible. Maybe I'm just being pedantic lol.
  8. Top mount vs low mount.

    The 7163 twin scroll option is still a few weeks away. Best bet would be to contact somebody like Full Race and get an ETA from them. Mine's a custom manifold. Ok. Thanks for that. Did you have to put down a deposit, because it would be a shame if you paid in full and still waiting almost 6 months. Yeah from reading his thread, he had to use a custom manifold as the efr had a bit of issues with being on the standard sr manifold. I can't remember exactly but it might have been the turbo hitting some bolt or something. I think he was using the 6258, which gave home better respond than the standard t28 but more power than a 2871 lol. I remember that car. Was it Guerez or something right? Didn't you guys use a custom spec turbo on that setup?
  9. Top mount vs low mount.

    Fair enough, I guess for a street car it needs to be a bit discreet, but some of the turbos to get me to the magic 300+ might not be able to fit. That or I'm not looking hard enough. This was on of the reason other people had pointed out to me was that it was easy to check the turbo if anything. It never ends lol, but I want to get it right as there quite a bit of $$$ is involved. There are a few turbo I have in mind that might need to be top mounted. Funny enough you brought up the BW EFR series as I was just looking at them on Full Race website when you replied to my thread. I wasn't sure that they'd (7064) be able to fit low mounted until I saw that picture of your setup. The 7163 looks like a really serious piece of kit, but I didn't know they come twin scroll? It doesn't say that they're twinscroll on the website, am I missing something? Also is that a custom manifold or a full-race item?
  10. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    Real nice figure there mate, and such a sleeper too.
  11. ^^ I think because e85 allows the tuner to advance the timing more safely, it then translate to the engine being more responsive which makes the turbo boost a bit faster compared to P98. This is what I've felt with my car. I was using the GT2871R without cams on P98 and compared the same setup with poncams on e85 I can definitely say that the e85 setup is less laggy. Also I now love the smell. It's smells kinda sweet and make me high sometimes lol.
  12. old school G-FUNK era

    Still one of my fav lol
  13. 360 Drift

    I know this had been done before but this shit is Crayyyyzeee lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uzd6eKvC9mk
  14. Master cylinder problems

    Master cylinder takes ages to bleed. It took me and my brother almost 1/2 hr to bench bleed the holford bm57. We went through about 4L of fluid when bled everything. Did you keep the level on the bmc full with fluid when u bled it? Coz if it gets low there could be air getting into it.
  15. A bit late to this thread but I guess you get the idea that the car scene back then wasn't just about standing around and talk shit. We drove around and got up to mischief lol. I always loved the Melbourne Car Cruise event as there are always 300+ cars on each event, plus the diversity the cars that was cool, you'd get Hot hatches, Hot Nissans, hot sixes and I always love cruising with the Rotaries because even till now I think they sound awesome. God I miss those days, brings back lots of memories.
  16. Installing wider rear fenders

    Here you go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_el7mgt-30o
  17. things that annoy you

    Went out with the boys the other night and f**kin club don't play hip hop anymore. Fuark I must be old or everyone had turned gay lol.
  18. GTX3071 results (.63 rear)

    Great results mate. Can I ask hiw did u re wire the pump?
  19. things that annoy you

    That I must now work till 65 lol
  20. Hello. Has anyone here have experience with either the Quaife 1.5 or 2 way diff? I need a new diff and was looking at their site and it seems like a good alternative to the usual Jap brand that we all use. I'm not sure which one to get as I've recently use my car more often as a daily so would like something to suit my daily use but also be track suited if need be. Any suggestions fellas?
  21. Anyone used Quaife Diff before?

    Thanks, I will try and look up on the Tomei. The info on the Nismo is quite extensive so no need to ask here hehehe. I think when buying brand new, dialing in the diff is very important. Quite hard to do the whole 30 minute Figure 8s on public road... Personally I think this is the difference between if its 'loud' or not. My nismo 2 way, I think has not been dialled in properly. Functions sweet, just a bit clunkier. Even then its all good. I'd stick with Nismo all the way What Nismo do you have on your car? What is "lirc"? How does it rate? What sort of car is this on? Thanks mate will check it out.
  22. Anyone used Quaife Diff before?

    From what I've read up, is that the Kazz 2way seems to be a bit noisy fir street use. This was my choice of diff as it's relatively cheap and had been tried and tested before. I stumbled onto Quaife and looking at their site they seems to be getting good feedback from racers and he likes. It is the 2 way which they advertised fir being ultra quiet fir dtreet use that I'm interested in. Also they are not much more expensive then the Jap stuff and that I like to try new things out.
  23. Mca blue reviews

    I have them on my car for a few months now. For daily driving from A - B I would set the dampers at 5 front and 6 rear, it is very nice and gives a plush ride that absorb most bumps like a Euro car. I have travelled the same road for the past few years on Teins SS and while on a particular section of the road where there are a lot of in-evenness the Tein would skip and hope, the Blue would be more planted. On the manual MCA recommend the S13 to be set at 7 front. And 9 rear but I find this setting is a bit too harsh for me on a daily commute to work. Whenever I'm doing some spirited driving through the twisty mountain roads I would set the dampers at 8 front 10 rear. At this settings I would feel the car to be a bit bouncy at low speed over bumps but once you get to 70+ km/h around the twisty the car absorb the bumps quite nicely. Every single adjustment is noticeable and there is a maximum of 12 settings but I haven't tried max hardness yet. I don't know why MCA recommend setting the rear stiffer than the front though, but that's what I've followed. Best money spent so far.
  24. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    10 inch organic will only handle about 300kw. A button 10inch however will handle 450kw. I think Dre has 310kw.