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  1. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    Pics of sister? ^ Well i could post a photo but she is 17 hahahaha Don't worry, she'll be 18 soon
  2. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    To the OP. Tell this to the 50s Hot Rods, or the 60s & 70s Muscles, or the 80s Porsche, or the 90s Jap missile. Well I left a whole lot of other era out, but I hope you get the point.
  3. QFM A1RM for 180sx no more?

    Do you run the Nissan silvia 4pots at the front? If so I have a new set for sale.
  4. Blitz logo on Intercooler

    Nooooeeee don't do it. As a personal taste they look kinda gay, but meh your car mate.
  5. 2014 F1 Discussion

    Why does the cars have a penis on its nose?

    Last I checked it was only 1 intake mod. Either air filter OR intercooler.
  7. Love how they make the car sound like some exotic classic Yeah collectors for parts hahaha
  8. Was wondering if anyone use their car for both grip and drift event, either in a competitive and non competitive way. What are the pros and cons that you've come across? What would you recommend other people to do if they were looking down this path? Thanks.
  9. All very good advice fellas, it gives me some sort of ideas on the evolution of my POS for future plans etc etc.
  10. What sort of spring rates did you use? And also type of LSD on your car?
  11. So you didn't run into issues with setting up the suspension for different events? That's pretty cool Biggie
  12. Detroit

    this is the outfit to wear for that car
  13. VIC Drift Clubs

    Xris will you be posting up the dates here or on the Primal FB page?
  14. Monster Silvia "UNLEASHED"

    Why are the front rotors look like they are non ventilated single item? Any idea why it's so?
  15. I want to buy some cams for the car and I from what I've read and been told that 256/256 poncams will fir straight into the S13 Sr20 without needing to do valve springs etc. What if I wanted to use something like a 260/260 from Tomei this would requires valve springs and retainers as these are classified as Pro cams right? Car will be tuned for e85 so 260 should be ok ?
  16. E85

  17. E85

    Yeah on a few customer cars And I've recently just installed a nitrous kit on my gtr as well Like 1000hp wasn't enough lol Vague question since I don't know much about it Nitrous but is it more suited to a particlar tupe of fuel ie more gains etc?
  18. E85

    Just curious if anyone ever tried Nitrous with E85?
  19. VIC Drift Clubs

    Any dates set for 2014 fellas?
  20. '93 S13 Almighty Silvia

    Good buy. Car looks so clean and straight. Welcome mate.
  21. Nissan Silvia S15 RB26.... Version 2

    Looks sooo nice. Good choice in going white on white, because white cars wih black rims are so over done. Bravo.
  22. automatic s13

    Buy car. Save up $$$. Buy z32 or rb25 gearbox kit. Put in car. Win win.
  23. things that annoy you

    Yep this and people with a really noisy exhaust opting for Reaaaaalllly expensive audio gear (Focal, Rockford, Mackintosh) because they tell the slightest difference in the sound hahahaha
  24. I have a wierd noise coming from the left rear suspension area. Sound like a muted thud. Thought it was my Tein so I bought new coilover but then the sound is still there. Thought the suspension arms were shot so bought new arms, installed them and the noise is still there when you drive. I checkec all nuts and bolts for tightness and they are all good. I noticed when I jacked up the rear, the left side has a bit of play when I try to shake and twist the wheel. Although the play is very minimal it is there, I test the right side And it's pretty tight no play. This happened even before I changed the whole rear hub and knuckle over to r33 gtst ones. Has anyone ever had similar problem to this?