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  1. i'm saving up to buy an intercooler kit for my 180sx SR20....I've noticed the Hybrid kit is around $1300 and the Blitz LM kit is around $1500. which one is the best bang for the buck?
  2. What Muffler for silvia

    What do u guys think about the HKS Super Dragger cat back system? are they good?
  3. Intercooler Blitz or Hybrid?

    Thanks guys and girls.....u rock big time...i think i know which kit i'm gonna get I'll problably get the Blitz LM kit for a few dollars extra..not that i have anything against Hybrid...its just that i would prefer to own a Japnanese made component. After reading the response i'm sure that Hybrid are very good. thanks you guys for all the help. cheers
  4. Intercooler Blitz or Hybrid?

    wonder how much it costs to get sent to Melbourne?
  5. Intercooler Blitz or Hybrid?

    how big is it? where can i get this kit?
  6. i just got motul turbo light it's running good
  7. intercooler install question?

    what size were u thinking of getting?
  8. i just got my 180...it has 96k done. I'm just wonderin if i should change the timing belt? Also what sort of engine oil should i use considering the amount of ks its done? thanks....
  9. Engine service and oil?

    thanks everyone......gonna get dirty this weekend hhehee
  10. New rims & lowering on s15

    Also i've had 18s for my previous car. A honda accord with 215/35 profile and it was very expensive to keep because the tyres keep on having impact damage even though they are spanking new....no matter how slow or careful u drive a bump on the road may cause these kind of damage.....so u might have to consider getting higher profile ie 40 or 45....it will save u money in the end.
  11. Engine service and oil?

    I thinking of changing the oil this weekend.........u guys know what model is the oil filter?....and can i get it at autobarn?
  12. Engine service and oil?

    "It's a sr20 ......so glas now that i don't have to change those things :)" I mean .....so glad now that i don't have to change those things
  13. Engine service and oil?

    Thanks heaps...... It's a sr20 ......so glas now that i don't have to change those things by the way how much does the Motul 8100 cost?
  14. Engine service and oil?

    really?.........shows u how much i know about nissan hehehe....so u don't really need to change the chain(belt) then?
  15. Engine service and oil?

    sh*t.....was $1100 because it broke or is that standard for timing belt change cause on my previous honda it only took $350. By the way i'm thinking of using Motul Turbo Light or Mobil 1 what do u guys think? what oil do u use?
  16. Hi i'm new to all this but i'm just wonderin how much would it cost for a Manual conversion on a 93 180sx?? Also will there be a lot of hassle involved?
  17. Manual conversion cost ?????

    sick....i just don't want to be label a dirk head for driving an auto so i'm gonna convert it
  18. Manual conversion cost ?????

    Any good Jap wrecker in VIC?
  19. Manual conversion cost ?????

    Thanks guys....I really appreciate your advice cause all my friends seems to have a negative attitute when i talk about the 180sx cause they all drive skylines (rich arse)
  20. Manual conversion cost ?????

    serious i was told by a mate (d@ck) oof mine that it would cost a lot and it would not be woth it getting a auto model...... You see right now i'm looking at a 180 sx but there's one that is auto but i kinda like it....dunno if ii should get it now and convert it into a manual oor not..... how is your mates car now? Is the tranny running good?