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  1. It was "scandiflick" i think that had a 6258 low mounted on his red s14. Pretty impressive stuff.
  2. Coilovers

    Lol. Never mind I didn't see the link to their website duuuuuhhh.
  3. Nismo IDx - Press Shots / Discussion

    I like what you've said except for the power steering bit as I have noodle arms hahaha
  4. Help me identify this rear bar please :)

    Which State are you in mate?
  5. Help me identify this rear bar please :)

    Hey man I had a look at Biggie 180 and the g grow looks very nice indeeeed. I will chase this up with JessieStreeter lol. Thanks Josh.
  6. Help me identify this rear bar please :)

    Who doesn't mate unless they are homo lol
  7. Help me identify this rear bar please :)

    OMG Bling you always deliver
  8. Car Insurance

    I'm with Shannon too. They have agred value for my car which is a whole lot more than what JustCars offer, but the good thing about them is that they have pay by the month at no extra cost to the premium.
  9. So even they hate themselves (Just kidding lol) NS classified back in it's prime was better than freaking Yellow pages man, "Not happy Jan" lol Maybe we need to bring some sexy back to the Silvia ahahaha.
  10. Holford motors, experiences?

    I bought a Master cylinder of them and delivery was 2 days. Payed via paypal.
  11. f**k. I have to check out driftsale for some laughs hahaha
  12. The New Silvia

    From what I've read on The Age, it is only 1.6 turbo. But I assume if it's the case I hope Nissan to bring back VVL.
  13. What model Bilstein are they?
  14. Red goes faster 180SX UPDATE - 250kw, E85, Poncams

    I've been looking for some Type X exterior parts for a while now, but nothing seems to pop up anymore or I'm not looking hard enough The disc brand is ProConcept. I was under the same impression that it would make more power on e85 also with that setup, but I had issues with boost spiking and tapering which the tuner suggests might be due to me using Turbotech bleed valve so after the brakes are done I will be looking up at replacing the boost controller with an EBC and replace the wastegate actuator with a higher psi rating, then go for a re-tune. I might wind it up to 20psi because at the moment it taper off to about 17psi at higher rev range.
  15. Red goes faster 180SX UPDATE - 250kw, E85, Poncams

    Did some sanding on the rear calipers today so it could be painted. This will be the rotors that will go onto the car. Blue and red combo looks kinda interesting lol My HFM BM57 BMC to go with the whole conversion. See how it will hold up. So the only thing left now is to wait for my Brembo adapters and braided lines to arrive. Should be interesting
  16. i feel old big 3 0 next year its scary and here iam still acting like asif im 20 building f**king datsun's So true. I still think the original Type X will be one of those cars that will still be highly regarded as a "Nissan Classic" in the future.
  17. LOL at the old Gen That guys sounds like my dad, but I can understand my old man being tight because we came here with nothing so he had to be tight hahaha.
  18. Talking about parts, I've got a whole heap of things at home but I just cannot be bothered to sell anymore purely because of low ballers hahaha. I'll just let get gather dust just for fun.
  19. I'm lokking for some adaptor for so Evo brembo to go onto my s13 but all I could managed were the Alpha Omega ( too expensive ) and from Midnight Mods but he seems to stop doing them. Does anyone here know of any other places I can get these adaptors? Thanks.
  20. Ok. I ended up ordering a HFM BM57 non ABS model, so let's see how it goes once everything is in and I'll give some updates.. Thanks all for the help.
  21. Interesting about the proportioning valve, would Have been nice if it didn't have it lol. Yeah the Bm50 from a 300 zx or the N1 GTR seems like the only logical option at this stage.
  22. This might be crazy enough that it might work....Tell me what you think fellas. 1993 Nissan Pathfinder BM50 master cylinder. Part number 46010-92G01 and it's non abs and since it's for a pathfinder it might be dirt cheap to say 150 brand new. If Nissan design their parts to be interchangable on most models then I can't see why this won't work right?
  23. Can this be fixed by running different pads for front an rear? Or would a brake bias valve be needed?
  24. S13/4/5 rear knuckles

    It work mate. I have s15 rear knuckle on my car atm.