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  1. Are tubs street legal in Vic

    Nothing is legal in Vic. I got a fine when I farted in my own house once lol
  2. Race Seats stores in Melbourne?

    thanks mate, I'll have a look but I prefer to buy the real macoy. thx
  3. Hi Fellas. I went to Revolution Race Gear today to try on some seats and they only stock Cobra, which is a bit disappointing since I wanted to try on a few. Any one here know of any other places that stock a good variety of seats preferably in Melbourne area? BTW the seat I tried was the Cobra Suzuka which was really nice. Thanks
  4. Red goes faster 180SX UPDATE - 250kw, E85, Poncams

    I have an old BMW for a daily nothing fancy
  5. Red goes faster 180SX UPDATE - 250kw, E85, Poncams

    yeah I really wanted to keep it on the road but it's getting harder now with all the ever changing road rules. I think it will be more fun on the track though lol
  6. Red goes faster 180SX UPDATE - 250kw, E85, Poncams

    Well nothing much had happened since my last update beside enjoying the car for the last year as a daily car. But a couple of weeks ago my luck finally ran out when I was buying some things at Bunnings Nunawading when I was leaving I notice a white Holden driving up pretty fast, and my instinct was correct that it was indeed a highway patrol car. I got defected for too low, too loud, rims too wide and full RWC plus a nice chubby fine to start my day I had a week to think of what I want to do to the car and figured I'm getting too old to be defected by the cops and didn't want to donate my money to Vicroads anymore. So I decided to de-register the car which is quite sad really considering I had enjoyed it for 11 years on the streets but now I can actually focus on my driving skills instead with a track car. The plan now strip the interior, maybe sell the Works wheels, Get a weld-in cage, and some more cooling aids, power will remain the same hopefully it can last a bit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are a list of thing that I'm thinking of changing to the car: - Strip the damn interior - Put a cage in there - Get rid the R33 GTR seats - Get a bucket but dunno which brand yet - Add some gauges to monitor the car - Get a Koyo radiator - Get a Oil cooler - Change the water pump - Buy a BIG ass wing - Maybe sell the Works Meisters as I don't know it this will be any good for track work (not serious just some fun) - And a new diff for now. Feel free to add any suggestions fellas as I pretty much know bugger all about making this stuff all work as a track car
  7. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Ha.................I've been trying to finish off my house for god knows how long now lol.
  8. Sikky LS1 conversion kit

    Ok thanks Neil. I'll have a look at the fueled kit also.
  9. Hi fellas. I just have a few questions regarding the sikky kit for the s13. I heard that some people say you don't need the sikky extractors since it won't fit into our Right hand drive cars ovet here. Can anyone that have done the conversion telly me of it's true? Also does the Sikky kit only support LS1 or can it be used for the L98 as well? Thanks
  10. Is Chrome shit?

    I find Chrome to be the most reliable for pornos.............Second would be Firefox.
  11. American trip, need ideas

    ummmm....................condoms and bulletproof vest?
  12. EFR 7163 results

    Nick What flange is that if you don't mind?
  13. Thanks all. Probably end up with a either Ford, but see how they feel once I test drive em. Cheers
  14. Thanks Bling. Didn't know that about the leaf spring, hence always good to ask Was thinking of the VY or even the VE as some are quite cheap now. Reason for the Honda is mainly the engine, they never seems to break.
  15. Hi fellas. I have a budget of 10k for a daily driver but as I will be de-registering the 180 this year, I would like the car in question to be able to have good towing capabilities. I have a few that came to mind on the list down below, but what should I look for in a tow car? Also I don't think i would be towing it all that much, maybe a few times a year. Cars in questions: Holden Commodore wagon. Ford Falcon sedan. Honda Accord V6 Thanks in advance.