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    the filter element is there for a reason..
  2. I want to look like this guy.

    That is just wrong.
  3. Trying to buy a head unit

    Alpine or Eclipse make nice SQ head units..
  4. hi guys new member

    Hey dude, good to finally see your fresh off the boat GTR at autosalon such a clean example of a 32 GTR! how many strut braces does it have again? lol show some interior pics... now that's a strut brace!!
  5. tyre stretch query

    Excellent idea.
  6. DSCN5098 copy.jpg

    Damnn... such a hottie
  7. I'm a bit excited

    You should still consider 740's.... even if you dont use their full capacity, they will be under lower duty... and therefore last longer.
  8. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of any car audio workshops or installers that specialize in converting japanese GPS/TV units from NTSC to work in australia?
  9. Japanese head-unit specialists?

    hmmm... I don't think Addzest have dealers in Australia. Clarion is the parent company of Addzest, but not sure if they would support the unit i have anyway.