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  1. After the latch and lock assembly for 180sx manual sunroof mainly just need the lock and the latch cover Located VIC, interstate paypal only Cheers.
  2. WTB 180sx L/H Weathershield (VIC)

    After a passenger side 180sx weathershield prefer in VIC, but if willing to post let me know will only pay with paypal invoice if interstate must be one piece and in good cond, tabs dont bother me
  3. s13/180/... Bosskit, good condition/quality $50 s15 pair front seats, good condition $300 s13/180/32/... Rear subframe, has solid bushes(maybe risers?) std arms $100 180sx rear hatch, white, paint avg, good glass $50 s13/180 steering rack, suit rebuild $20 180sx non sunroof roof liner, good cond $40ono Jinyu tyres, couple pairs yh12/yu61 BRAND NEW! 205/55/16 x2(pairs), 205/50/16 x2(pairs) $120pair 32 gtr wheels, one has rash, rest good cond, 2 have caps, $500 or $700 with brand new tyres Melb North suburbs
  4. R200 s14/33 housing, welded 5 bolt non-abs, 4.11 ratio no noises, was working fine and doing its job in my track car no longer needed pickup only melb north no offers, $100
  5. WTB 16" wheels 4 x 114.3.

    I have these Sparco NSII Python Wheels 16x8 +22 4/5 x114.3 $300 one wheel on the back has rash another wheel on back has slight buckle (can't upload all pics as size too big)
  6. R32 GTR Wheels, Sparco Wheels 16", Rear 5 Stud conv

    Sparco Wheels $300?
  7. in need of a quiet muffler

    There's a big variey of Exhaust's from Japan, second hand or new, email jesse streeter, I picked up a nismo system for 200 delivered a while back
  8. R32 GTR Wheels, Sparco Wheels 16", Rear 5 Stud conv

  9. Sparco NS-II Python 16x8+22 4/5x114.3 multistud, tyres are on wires, has rash on back and a buckle at back on one wheel $400 r33 handbrake cable $20 s13/180 washer bottle $20 180sx taillights small chips l/r $20 180sx rear reo $20 s13/180 5 stud rear, hubs/rotors $150ono s14/33 stockies, one pair bad tyres other pair none, few marks on the wheels face $100 spacersavers x3 $20 s13 JIC front coilovers blown good for parts have springs perches etc $40ono s14/15/33 rear lcas/knuckles x4 $40ono s15 front tension rods $20 ... located melbourne north subs
  10. Nissan Skyline Silvia s13 180sx Parts

    JIC coilovers, fronts blown, rear unknown condition $200ono BM44 BMC non abs, female plug end not there $50 180sx factory spoiler, kinked from age $40 mech omori gauges, boost and vac and Ks oil pressure guage (no light) w/ holder $60 s13/180 5 stud rear conversion includes hubs/rotors/calipers with gktech handbrake extenders, lines, pads $150 r33 airbag clock spring $50ono ARC SMIC, few kinks but was running no leaks, very good stealth setup $200 R33 handbrake lever as pictured $40ono space savers $10each 1x5x114.3, 2x4x114.3 pickup north subs of melbourne
  11. After Coilover Springs and lower seat locking collars Springs need to 6kg/mm, 250mm, 65mm I.D. locking collars are for 53mm thread 2mm pitch off old school tein coilovers If anyone has any blown tein coilovers and can measure the thread than the collars may work well, thanks in advance
  12. those bolt on rack spacers that you are using are meant to be used with modified knuckles/extended lcas. buy another tie rod, get the slip on spacers, 6mm each side, and that alone will be more than enough for street duties and track days
  13. use r33 cables, they will hook right up
  14. WTB 6kg coilover springs

    After a pair of 6kg coilover springs, let me know what you have, thanks.
  15. What turbo model

    If it's a Garrett turbo then it's worth ~1500 new, if it's still in good condition with minimal shaft play ~700, that's assuming it's a Garrett, if it's a cheap eBay spec than its not worth much