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  1. WTD: cefiro airbox

    off topic: what is WTD? wanted to ... ? isn't it WTB?
  2. >>>>>VIC - POWER\ TORQUE\ 1/4>>>>>

    nice figure mate, any cams?? 250 is impressive for a t518z without cams... ah yes, Greddy 264/264 11.5mm lift lol @ 3 month late reply

    LOL what a whiney bitch
  4. Help with defected 180

    what state are you in? cos you can't sell a defected car...

    no but it made 283kw did anyone get done by the toggies?? they were still sitting there when i left, obv waiting for someone to light it up...
  6. just get it off the net, google is your friend.
  7. 380PS for the 8cm 400PS for the 10cm btw, mine makes 243rwkws @ 1.5bar T518Z 8cm, 264/264 cams
  8. bah. working til late.. won't be down.
  9. blitz in victoria

    ^^EPA is Victorian.
  10. Anyone got a telescope?

    or in your case, your mangina. Correction. On topic - yes I did the two MelbUni subjects on Astronomy, did a few telescope sessions. My bet is that they would be worth $$$ , could see heaps of stuff
  11. George W. Bush

    you forgot to add: *I am an EXCELLENT public speaker
  12. Financing and insurance

    don't get a loan, just save you'll be happier in the end and it will cost you a lot less
  13. ^^^ are you from Mexico??? no offense, but that offset on the rear is a little too mexican for my liking...
  14. Emergency lanes disappearing

    do what Citylink does - just close one lane during peak hour for emergency vehicles... now won't that defeat the whole purpose of what we were trying to achieve in the first place? /slaps head solution - do as i do, don't drive during peak hours
  15. i'm down if not working