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  1. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    aah yep, true that, i did forget about alan jones.. its a very difficult thing to gauge purely by the fact that the cars were so different back then, so you wouldn't realistically be able to compare alan jones' driving to web's, especially with things like his awesome pass on alonso up at the top of the page there.. good topic discussion though, but i truly do believe vettel will be one of the names that is remembered forever.. he is an amazingly good driver, and yes, his car might be superior, but you can see the way he remains calm during q3, and how consistent he is with his lines and lap times that he actually does have the skills.. we will have to wait a few years to see what happens though, as i think ferrari are on the way back, and they will be good next year.. As well as mclaren, hamilton's race on the weekend was one of the best drives iv seen from him, purely because he didnt drive like a *richard cranium* on his p's and he showed maturity that he seems to have lacked in the past.. this year is over, but next year will be interesting to see.. I'm no Vettel fan, at least when it comes to personality, but I am beginning to wonder if he might give some of Schumacher's numbers a shake. He's certainly racked up an impressive percentage in a short period of time. And he's got a LOT of his career to go. Having said that, let's not get carried away because he's had a couple of good years. I remember when Hamilton was the next young sensation ... which wasn't that long ago, was it? Not pooh-poohing what Hamilton's achieved, but no one would call him a "legend" at this stage of his career. Drivers do have purple patches, especially when they're driving a superior car. Let's see how he goes over the next 5-10 years before we nominate him for sainthood. Mind you, it took me almost a decade before I could admit, albeit grudgingly, how talented Schumacher was. I hope I'm a bit more mature now and I can give Vettel the credit he's due.
  2. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Winning a championship does not automatically make a driver better than one who hasn't. (This is just a general statement by the way, not intending to argue whether or not Jones was better than Webber, or vice versa). Aside from the obvious Stirling Moss, regarded as one of the best drivers of his generation despite not winning a championship, there's the opposite end of the argument - Jacques Villeneuve. He may have won the championship in 1997, but what did he achieve after that? Not a single win. Villeneuve won in 1997 purely on having a superior car. In terms of driving talent there are plenty of drivers who haven't won championships that I'd put ahead of Villeneuve. I'm not saying Jones didn't deserve his championship in 1980, not at all. Anyone who won so much as a race, let alone a championship, had to be a damn good driver. But statistics can be misleading, even when you're counting championships.
  3. R32 GTR FTW!

    Not a lot by GTR standards. It's stock aside from an intercooler, and the engine could do with a freshen-up. I've got some new injectors in it though so I'm keen to run it again for comparison
  4. WTAC 2011

    Speedhunters posted thus YouTube link this morning: I'm doing this from my phone, so you may have to copy the link (or go to Speedhunters). All I can say is: "KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!"
  5. WTAC 2011

    Something like no rear engine cars over 4 cyl. They're too expensive to modify, and there's no point running a stock car at WTAC, since what would that prove?
  6. WTAC 2011

    I'll upload a video in a few days. And I totally agree. Fudge me, that thing is insane!!!
  7. R32 GTR FTW!

    It wasn't mine, because I never dreamed I could own one. I bought one almost by accident. I knew practically nothing about them when I bought it, except some memories of the Group A cars at Bathurst. Now that I've got it, though, I would say it's my dream car too.
  8. R32 GTR FTW!

    I'm pretty sure it's in the right place if you look at the front on shot
  9. R32 GTR FTW!

    Yeah, actually I wouldn't mind getting rid of it, I wasn't too happy with the fact that they sold me a car with a dying clutch (I didn't pick up on it because I was pretty clueless and I thought it was meant to be like that).
  10. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    I still crack up when I remember the exchange between Blundell and Coulthard after Schumacher wiped his nose on Petrov's backside (which he seems to think counts as an overtaking strategy these days). Blundell: Do you think Schumacher doesn't know when to give up (meaning to back out of the pass)? Coulthard: What, on his career? I almost wet myself.
  11. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    I did crack up at the "Drive slower"/"I can't!" "Drive faster"/"I can't!" exchange. It's times like these that I realise what a unique sense of humour I have.
  12. R32 GTR FTW!

    I was in a prang last year and damaged the front end. When I got the car back the first thing I checked was, "Did they get the bar with the N1 vents?" It doesn't look right without them.
  13. R32 GTR FTW!

    Thanks. Funnily enough, the WRX used to be my dream car until I ended up test driving a Skyline one day. I was sold before I even got into second gear ... and now I'd never go back.
  14. R32 GTR FTW!

    Thanks all for the kind words. There's a few parts that need a touch-up, but you can't see them in the photos. I suppose we're never completely happy with our cars, are we?
  15. R32 GTR FTW!

    As far as mods go I've not done much myself aside from replacing the previous twin-plate clutch (which was completely shagged) with a much nicer single plate. I've inherited HKS coilovers, bigger intercooler and slotted brakes, and as far as I know that's it. I'm still working to iron out issues (it needs some tuning badly), but soon I'll have it all sorted, then I'll start stepping things up. I'm going to keep it sensible though, this will be a long-term street car for me. I did also replace the jap-spec stereo with something a bit more modern Oh, and here's some pics: