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  1. 180sx - Street Stylez *Lots of NEW pics*

    Its amazing how those Type X tail lights completely change the looks of the car. I see you didnt change the trim piece that goes below the tail lights, how you manage to do that?
  2. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    Im looking for ideas people! Should I leave my wheels white or should I go with yellow? Here's some examples: WHITE YELLOW This is just some idea that came to my mind but I have consider doing it. I would just like to know what is your opinion about it.
  3. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    Hello mates! Well, I told you I would be putting my new camera to work so this is my first attempt of making a good video, sorry if its a little shaky but I dont even have a tripod right now, I did all the shooting with my bare hands but still I wanted to share it with you guys. I gather some of my friends to make some sort of "mini JDM meet" like the ones you do in Australia except theres only 3 cars here haha. Hope you like it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoCKhMgd1k8 My 180SX has a crack on its front bumper as you can see in the video, i'll explain how that happened later!
  4. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    *UPDATE* I got the windows tinted on my S13, have got to say the car looks much more agressive with a 5% black window tint: I went for mirror like tint in the front:
  5. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    Cheers man. I wasn't being condecending, just didn't really know how good or bad your roads were. Earlier pics made me think they were a bit rough, hence my assumption... later pics made them look just plain bad. With that in mind, if you're running lowering springs on standard shocks, rather than getting coilovers in the future, maybe you would be better off upgrading the shocks to bilstein/kyb/tokiko, keeping the lowering springs and running airbags to jack the ride height way up when needed. Another thing you could do if you get a fibreglass bar is trim almost all the lower lip section off, fibreglass in a plate of metal on the bottom to give it rigidity, then replicate the lower piece from plastic/fibreglass using the original as a mould. Basically you would be turning the bottom of your bar into a removable lip. Detatch if you absolutely need clearance, and if it hits anything, it should snap off leaving the rest of the bar intact. If you keep the original piece as your mould, you can just keep making replacements as needed, or make a batch as spares or for car shows. Thats a great idea indeed, I would love to see a picture of what you say if possible.
  6. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    Anyways, lets go back to what really matters. Just bought this baby so i'll be puttin it to good use right away: First pictures taken with my Canon SX40 HS: These where just some random pictures, I know they're not the best but I know ill be getting better at this cause photography and cars are my 2 passions.
  7. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    Yeah, just in case you didnt notice them u know?... LOL
  8. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    Those kits are amazing but there way out of my reach for now, you really have a good taste for kits! I think you where a little condecendent by saying that streets in Honduras arent "all that good". Im gonna go a little bit off topic just to show you the NIGHTMARE I have to go through every day in my "city".These are pictures of the streets I pass by almost everyday: Le girlfriend street: (You can see my car next to her house) This is my city after 20 minutes of mild raining: And this is my city after 30 minutes of hard raining: Well, as you can see what im trying to do here is really like an imposible mission, trying to have a neat import on this kind of streets. Obviously not ALL the city is like that but I have to say at least 70% of the streets are damaged, but like I said before, the people who run this country rather steal the money than spend it on repairing the streets. So, I know that eventually im gonna get my poor S13 f**ked up in one of those stupid craters which is why I rather not buy a kit so expensive that'll make me cry when it gets cracked. You on the other hand have a much different and positive perspective living in a country as great as Australia so bare with me. BTW your car looks great even not being not done. Sorry for the long off topic post.
  9. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    Thank you for the suggestions, i'll definetly keep them in mind. Im saving up for a complete M-1 Sports body kit, i've always been in love with that kit, I think thats how 180's should have looked like right from the factory. But on the other hand theres nothing like having an genuine Type X body kit, those are my 2 options but I think i'll go with the M-1 Sports.
  10. **180 tightass budget spec** sr20det

    Take off that breather and run a hose to an oil catch tank, that doesnt look safe.
  11. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    I'll get the carpet installed this weekend, hopefully I will be posting pictures on Monday. I know it'll look great with the carpet on.
  12. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    I just cleaned everything very well with a green scrub and then painted all the pieces with Dupont matt black. You get the glossy shine when you apply Armor All or Turtle Wax cleaner to the interior.
  13. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    The interior has been painted, just the carpet couldnt be done in time but here is how it looks right now:
  14. First Silvia Ca18de Auto To Sr20det Manual.

    What intercooler is that? Brand?
  15. S13 200SX Drift and show project

    *UPDATE* I got some free time this week so I decided the interior needed some attention because it was all faded and dirty and it doesnt match with the fresh looking exterior. Thats how it looks now: Stripping the interior: Im not going to be removing any of the sound deadening stuff because this is my daily driver and I dont want it to sound like a junkster. All the pieces will be painted matt black tomorrow.