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    oil cooler not needed at all if you dont even have a FMIC
  2. Craigs super slapper special

    post up the repair pics for those playing at home... all the damage my 33 had was a smashed light and a bent reo... the 180 however had been crashed and repairs before and it was a dodgy job. the spot welds peeled and was rusty between panels. the damage was far worse then it should have been normally. the car just caved
  3. What does SA have to offer?

    thats the address... its on the corner. so drive through tailem bend, continue along the dukes high way, over the bridge, and then when you come to the mallee, turn left. first gate on the right is entrance to the park
  4. What does SA have to offer?

    assuming you're doing our School at Tailems? if so no license required. its all part of the entry,
  5. Crashed RB20 180sx

    got pics of engine bay and so on showing missing stuff?
  6. Just had my car confiscated

    i'd be jumping up and down about how it took 5 weeks to read an engine number.. if they want it restamped then they can do it themselves
  7. 86 or MX5?

    i didnt realise when i posted that we were discussing the new 86's... disregard my comments then
  8. 86 or MX5?

    Hey Simon, care to elaborate? Which mx5 did you have? I think I remember your gf had an NA. yeah wife and i owned a NA 1.8 clubman. was a nice car but i didnt really enjoy it as much as an 86.
  9. 86 or MX5?

    iv e owned both, and the 86 suited me much better. yes, stock they are slow, however a modified ae86 with ITB's, built motor and 11.5:1 comp ratio, TRD headers and 302degree cams has to this day been the fastest and most scariest car to drive flat out through the hills
  10. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    your gonna need longer lcas
  11. Just had my car confiscated

    with regency there is no winning.... you just cant get ahead.. even by playing the game. the little guy always loses
  12. Just had my car confiscated

    whos got the time for that? this is what shits me off about the system. its all too easy for them to take your car, explain nothing and leave you in the ditch out of pocket and with no communication for weeks on end. Try and find out anything and you get stonewalled at every turn... it is well and truly enough to reduce most grown men to tears and go postal.
  13. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    how much castor? you're getting binding on the trailing wheel? it might be hitting the castor rod of the wheel arch, usually bind affects the leading wheel
  14. personally i'd forget the BC's and just go with some custom spec Shockworks... ive had BC ER's and now have shockworks, the difference is amazing