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  1. Most likely is just the parts itself exclude installation or fitment
  2. But that usually not included front dash , ecu , cluster meter , manual pedal etc
  3. HI there i found a Toyota Chaser Tourer V with automatic transmission but than i have decided to go for a transplant to a manual , can it be done and usually how much it cost to get everything done as i got a quote from KYP manual trans cost $1800 not sure if is worth getting it done or not
  4. Custom Plates

    I wonder how much does a custom plate cost over here ? i am kinda new over here
  5. Casual work available

    Mate are u still looking ?
  6. Why can't we get ?s into Australia?

    Yea i doubt that i saw a few not much and not many , just a few claim that those were Personal Import
  7. Good day everyone

  8. Good day everyone

    cheers mate
  9. Why can't we get ?s into Australia?

    How bout Honda Civic Type R (FD2R) or Mugen RR
  10. Good day everyone

    haha thanks alot mate , got alot to learn from you guys
  11. Good day everyone, i am new here so let me introduce myself . My name is john surname chung , i am from malaysia and recently landed in perth for some reason. and i am looking forward to learn more from you guys peace