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  1. Deleting account

    For me it's an easier way to move on. I've enjoyed my time here but i don't wish to be tempted to come back. I just want to close my account and move on. If all I can do is logout and never return thats fine i'll just do that.
  2. Deleting account

    Hey, Is there anyway I can delete my account? I no longer wish to be a member of this site.
  3. Occupation: Product and Marketing Manager "Title" (if applicable): Same as above How long have you been doing this for?: This role about 6 months, with the company for 3 years 3 months Do you enjoy it?: Yes most of the time, when stuff is done correctly and we do well it's rewarding, but when it's shit it's SHIT Does it pay ok?: a bit over 50k a year plus i get a car i can use whenever i want (don't remember last time i paid for petrol in a car) mobile i can use whenever i want, and general expenses credit card. Anything you'd like to ad?: It's good on a whole but I don't think i want to work there for 30 years or anything.
  4. FML.

    I drive a silvia FML
  5. Moderators

    I've had warn level since about 2006 or 2007. I think it's time to let it go mods.

    that one about roads having to have 1 mile of straight road is pretty cool and very very clever.
  7. Alot of cars are doing over 300kw. Well when you haven't driven a car for many years and jump straight back into a turbo you don't expect to know everything about how they drive. So you're telling me if you used to play say football and haven't played for years you are meant to be just as good as you where when you had been playing for years? NO it takes time and practice to get back to where you where before leaving. bah i wanted to neg you. If i haven't played football for a few years i don't go back trying to play as well as i did a few years ago. I'd ease myself into it.
  8. umm just don't put the accelerator all the way to the firewall and you'll be ok. Why the hell would you bother turning the boost down when you could just not drive like a *richard cranium*? I went from only riding a bike for about 2 years to my R34 and had no problem. It's not like you forget how to drive. In other words, don't be a dick and you'll be fine.
  9. Cool i think i'll be alright then. Thanks for the replies!
  10. Well at the moment i work for a video game company in a position that requires a fair bit of business acumen, and while i know what i'm doing in the future i'd like to work in a big big company making important business decisions. What kind of math was it? There wasn't any triginometry (spelling?) etc, etc???
  11. Hi everyone, Just wanted to know if anyone on here has ever sat the STAT test for university entry in South Australia? I'm now 24 have been working the same job for over 3 years and haven't had any further education since finishing year 12 back in 2002. I'm getting to a point in my life where if i want to work elsewhere and in the same industry a degree is going to become more important. Everything i've learnt from working is invaluable but having proper training i feel is important. I've set myself a target of having a degree before i'm 30 (now i'm 24) So what are your opinions on it? Is it difficult? is it worth doing one of those course that help you prepare for it? Thanks!
  12. Poor child. I don't give a f**k about the mother or her partner but that poor kid shouldn't have to be involved in this. Also what kind of person no matter how drunk they were would f**k a dog? And why would you get your jollies off watching your partner f**k a dog?
  13. Nuclear Power

    The Chernobyl accident happened about 30 years after the first nuclear power station operated.
  14. Nuclear Power

    lol and 10 years ago most people in australia thought nuclear power was dangerous and would never want it here. I think it's the best thing we could ever do to secure our energy requirements for the future as well as being much better for the planet.
  15. Mens suits

    Thanks everyone, by the sounds of things single breasted 2 button, simple black colour, budget around 400 and i should be set. Going to be such a fun wedding.