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  1. Bitcoin Thread

    The mining dificulty scales so that the entire network solves a block roughly every 10 minutes, so no matter how much hardware you throw at it, in time you'll be back to 10 minute blocks/confirmations. At the moment the developers are figuring out a method to handle higher transaction volume, the easiest method is to increase the blocksize. I think the real solution will be off chain transactions. Companies will form agreements between themselves to keep track of transactions internally and then group transactions together to settle them in larger groups at set time intervals. This way those companies can accept 0 confirmation transactions and the blocksize doesn't have to grow to suit traffic increases, of course this solution is a long way off and a lot of trust will need to be built to get to this level between the companies.
  2. Bitcoin Thread

    The transfers happen almost instantly but the confirmations occur in roughly 10 minute intervals (or longer if you don't include a fee with the transfer). It's actaully pretty safe to accept 0 confirmation transactions as the amount of effort and work required in attempting a double spend is quite difficult and not worth it for small simple purchases. Bigger purchases require confirmation before they're accepted but it's usually up to the discretion of the merchant.
  3. First strike law to seize hoons' cars

    So you can suffer a potentailly 50k+ fine for doing something wrong but if you drink drive you cop up just over 1k and get your liscence back and keep your car... right
  4. Rota wheels a problem?

    The problem with just copying a lightweight wheel and making a cast version of it is that it's just not safe. The reason that a forged wheel can be so light is because the manufacturing process makes the wheel stronger, meaning you can achieve the same strength wheel with less material. Copying that design but by using a casting process is just a nightmare waiting to happen. Yes the wheel is lighter but it doesn't have the strength to back it up. The chunkier wheel designs that get copied may be a little better but the light weight copy's should be avoided at all costs. Perfect example http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/294366-track-report-rota-rims-and-p-cup-slicks/ "I have done perhaps 40+ sprint sessions on these at OP, WP and EC. As you may know we had the cast xrayed (results were ok) and they seemed to hold up fine until yesterday... after a session at WP i noticed both of the front rims have a spoke which is cracked all the way through. Suffice to say my day was over. Lucky we picked it up when we did. I am a bit perplexed as to why/how both rims could crack in identical ways on the same session."
  5. Rota wheels a problem?

    Rota wheels, everything wrong with the car scene summed up in one company. Why make original designs when you can just copy paste designs that real manufactures make? Why use a forged manufacturing process when you can just cast them and make them heavier and weaker instead? Engineering? Wtf is that, nah we want profits instead at the expense of a whole community. And the best thing of all this, the guys who buy and run them have "pride" in their car, coz their 20 year old jap import with china cooler, china knock off seats, knock off wheels, knock off everything that matters is a performance machine that's at the cutting edge of performance even though they've cut every single corner so people will think it's good instead of it actually performing good. So yeah, go buy the knock off wheels if you're a cheap piece of shit who cares more about what other people thinks of you than about how your car actually performs
  6. We retain all of our existing rights as declared in the Australian Constitution. Freedom of speech. Digital networks (internet) shall remain free to function without interference from any governing body. Complete financial transparency for all government spending. If I had more time I'd put a lot more serious thought into it but these 3 are the most obvious to me right now. I'd also like to see the production and management of our money handled by a governing body rather than a private institution and have the currency backed by something tangible to combat inflation. Won't ever happen but we can dream right?
  7. University

    Uni is hit and miss with a lot of people, it really depends on the degree you go for and what sort of a person you are. I did a bachelors degree in digital multimedia systems which was obsolete by the time I was in my 2nd year, in my final year I actually re-did one of the first year subjects because the industry standard had changed so much in that short amount of time. It was a degree that covered a lot of different areas but never really focused on anything specific. So when I graduated I had my degree and a portfolio full of garbage that I'd be embarrassed to show employers, not to mention that I graduated in 2008 right in the middle of the GFC so finding a job just didn't happen. Instead I looked at what current jobs were available and decided to spend a year working casual jobs and doing my own study at home, in that one year I learned a bunch of of different technical skills (xhtml, css, javascript, php) which would help me land a job. I scored a job and immediately decided I hated working for someone else, didn't like the thought of someone else profiting off of my own work so I quit and started my own company as a web developer / designer. Now I've got a growing client base that feed through regular work and total control over my finances and time. If I didn't goto university I'd have never been pushed in this direction so on one hand it's good, but on the other hand I burned up 4 years of my life doing a degree which holds no real world value at all. If you're going to goto university just realise that you'll only ever get out of it what you put in. If you coast through your degree, don't expect anything but a peice of paper by the end of it. If you spend your time putting your knowledge to use, getting experience, networking and forming a good social support network for later on, you'll have the world at your fingertips... so long as you don't do an arts degree.
  8. Design looks good but I'd change the 3rd row of textured background to something else. You've already got the shadow on there but the same texture is being used. Same goes for the footer. Here's a few examples of what I'm talking about: http://www.liftinteractive.com/ http://www.flitehaus.com/ https://www.bidkat.com/ http://www.axzmdesign.com/
  9. RC Drift cars

    Here's mine. It's a Kyosho TF-5 chassis with ball bearings, 2 clutch diffs which have been shimmed up, metal drive shaft and the shell is an abc hobbies odyssey wagon.
  10. any original ns.coms still here?

    *continues lurking*
  11. And by invented you mean took existing ideas and marketed them really really well
  12. PC Sales are still growing and they already have a much much larger user base (77.6%) than apple have with their mac user base (10.69%). A smaller % growth doesn't mean anything when you still control the majority market share AND it's still growing. For apple just to close the gap they'll need growth figures through the roof and even with a controlling stake in the phone and tablet market they still can't achieve this. Now that the other mobile companies have finished playing catch up and are actually rolling out far better products than apple, they'll really need to innovate and hit the nail on the head with there next product but I just can't see this happening.
  13. I'm going to go against the grain and say that mainstreaming technology for the masses may seem like a good idea on the surface, but get down to the reality of it and it's a totaly different story. I'm sure there's a lot of you here who used pc's back in the late 90's, back when there was no youtube, no torrents, no wikipedia, no facebook, no mainstream killer apps. There was a learning curve required to use a computer, those that put in the effort were rewarded. Those that didn't pretty much missed out, it was "too hard" to do what they wanted so they simply quit. This mentality still exists today and is at the core of all user experience design. So fast forward to today and we've got pc's, phones, tablets and a plethora of other devices all interconnected with incredible potential and aimed directly at the mainstream market. This means dumbed down rubber coated versions of software to suit that lazy arse mainstream market. And if stuff is too difficult to do, they just give up. So what does the mainstream use all this wonderful technology which gives them access to the worlds knowledge for? Building virtual farms in farmville, uploading completely pointless videos to youtube and bragging about how awesome they are on their facebook pages while typing like they're on a 5110 with a 155 char limit. So that's my take on the whole thing, apple brought computing to the unwashed masses and now look at all the shit we have to put up with. They took a device that has so many productive uses and dumbed it down into a device that amplifies ignorance and stupidity from the lowest common denominator for the whole world to bask in. Oh and they made a shit ton of money along the way so good on them for that.
  14. You and your money

    What is money to you? A claim on human labour, I take time out of my life to perform tasks for other people, they pay me. That money then goes to other people that perform tasks for me. Can it make you happy? Money by itself can not make me happy. But money can buy experiences which do. Where do you spend it? Re-invest in myself and several projects I'm currently involved in. Use money to make more money. That and my car gobbles up a large portion of it. Do you get a sustainable thrill from retail therapy and all the cool shit you buy? Or do you regret every purchase? Rarely buy anything for myself unless absolutely neccesary. Can do that later when I can truely afford to. Are you materialistic? Like everyone else in the world, I like to have nice things, but unlike many, I don't let them define me. Do you save? No, money just sitting around is only going to have its purchasing power erroded by inflation. I take my money and re-invest it before it has a chance to lose it's value. Do you budget? No real need, I still live at home, have very few bills and can easily make ends meet. Or do you live paycheck to paycheck? Nope What are your after tax savings before your next paycheck comes around? I work for myself so not on a wage or paycheck. Can't state any consistant figures at the moment because I've only just begun this life style. Are you happy with what you earn? No and I never will be. The moment you're happy or content with what you earn you've lost the motivation to obtain more, however this really ties into what you want to get out of life. I'd say I have ambitious goals and therefore require large amounts of wealth to achieve them and I'll never be happy with what I have. Are you a broke ass? Yep, I do have money but I can't spend it. It would be easy to just take it and blow it all on the things I want but that would be a waste and a real set back in achieving my true goals. What do you think of the cost of everything? I think it's predictable, which it is. If I were working for another person I wouldn't do a cents worth of work for them unless I was 100% sure my income would be adjusted for inflation annually or even bi-annually. Do you think about your financial future? I'm looking forward to it. Have you had to stop and look at yourself, change your attitudes towards money? Not really, money's just a tool for us to use and I don't think I've ever had a poor mindset in handling it, even from a young age I've always been financially responsible.