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  1. people of vic.

    i think this shows that cyclists should do the right thing at all times its not the drivers fault in any way shape or form, and cyclists should be slamed just as hard as motorists for not being visible or wearing helmets
  2. Tuner Shops?

    jap werehouse great stock and can order in heaps of quality parts
  3. looking foward to this cruise been age since ive been on one
  4. i had a stock t25 on my car with an fmic , standard boost , it was ok ,then got a t piece boost controller ran 14psi heaps more pull but still around 140kw, only issue was spiking at high rpm , go electronic
  5. too sticky

  6. V8 180SX build

    looks awesome man , fab work is awesome
  7. ok smashed ranting about cars and drifting war stories then?
  8. this sounds like a good meet , good conversation and and drinks
  9. 17/18 would be a good time , and roads with no cops would be sweet


    i have 2 new brand new tyre bit far for you to travel to get though, im out west
  12. i know this may be along shot but maybe look into madingley park in bacchus marsh ,bbq facilities , toilets heaps of parking
  13. A/C not coming on?

    chech the pins on the climate control unit matbe faulty?